Agilent Microplastics Virtual Symposium 2023

Explore various crucial topics related to the analysis of microplastics, covering areas such as sampling, sample preparation, analysis, and evaluation.

Best Practices for GC Column Installation and Care

Understand a hassle-free GC column installation and how to take care of your GC column.

Beyond SPME: Understanding SPME Arrow, Thin-Film SPME, and Twister

Alternate approaches - SPME Arrow, Thin Film SPME (TF-SPME) and Twister.

The Chromatography Detective: GC Troubleshooting Tips

The most common chromatographic issues that you experience with Gas Chromatography and take a logical approach to finding the root cause and correcting the problem.

2023 GC/Q-TOF Virtual User Meeting

Q&A about low-cost, robust, and easy-to-maintain GC/Q-TOF instruments from Agilent.

Compound Discoverer software workshops (Specialized data processing: GCMS)

The workshops are designed to bring beginners up-to-speed with best practices as well as allow advanced users to interact with software experts and enquire how to get the most out of their data.

The Encounter: Ethylene Oxide Analysis

End-to-end workflow solution to meet your Ethylene Oxide testing requirements so that the samples pass the export regulatory mandate.

Techniques for Avoiding Unexpected Problems in LC and GC Analysis

Unexpected problems and solutions to generate better data.

Techniques for Avoiding Unexpected Problems in LC and GC Analysis

We will cover topics including peak shape, ghost peaks, tailing peaks, split peaks, missing peaks, variable retention times, high backpressure, instrument contamination, and ion suppression.

Latest advances in GC/MS air analysis workflows: from PFAS to utilizing hydrogen carrier gas

How Markes’ thermal desorption (TD) equipment coupled to Agilent’s GC-MS systems can be used for PFAS analysis from air and materials.