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Tips and Tricks for Handling Reference Standards

We’ll explain the terms given on the certificate, discuss when you might need to apply uncertainty values and we’ll also explore how to safely store and properly prepare your reference standards.

Overview of Air Sampling Techniques for Environmental Contaminants

Separation Science, in collaboration with the life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany offers an upcoming webinar that will discuss the various air sampling techniques both active and passive.

Regulatory Requirements and Analytical Strategies to Analyze Extractables and Leachables

The webcast will provide recent regulatory updates for extractable and leachable studies for both medicinal devices and medical products.

Advancements and Key Parameters for EPA 8260 and EPA 524.2 using GC/MS with Purge and Trap

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers an webinar featuring presentations describing advancements and key parameters for EPA 8260 and EPA 524.2 using GC/MS with purge and trap technology.

Solving Problems with GC, Direct Sample Introduction, and High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry

This sponsored virtual symposium will show how gas chromatography (GC) combined with high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry (GC-HRTOFMS) is used in both industry and academia.

Increased confidence in peptide identification and quantification using Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer 2.5 software and INFERYS Rescoring

In this presentation, we will describe how to use the recently released Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer 2.5 software for high confidence identification and quantification of complex proteomics datasets.

Eliminate Extractions and Simplify Sample Prep with SPME

In this webinar we will cover some tips and tricks to making SPME (Solid Phase Micro Extraction) technique work for some interesting applications.

LC/MS/MS Workflow to Determine over 500 Pesticides Residues in Compliance with SANTE 12682/2019 Guidelines

This webinar presents a comprehensive, verified end-to end, LC/QQQ workflow for the simultaneous quantitation of 510 pesticide residues in fruits and cereals of varying water and fat content.

Successfully Restarting Lab Operations: GC & GC/MS

This webcast will share instrumentation restart procedures, helpful service items, support topics, and discussions on improving operational efficiency and capacity.

Laboratory Workflow Solutions: What to expect when you’re away from the lab?

In this session, we will discuss how to balance remote and lab working and how to optimize working remotely including discussions around data security and operative aspects.

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