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Method Development Strategies:  Key Considerations for Developing Successful Sample Prep Methods

In this seminar, we will discuss some key considerations involved in developing successful sample preparation methods for extracting analytes from various clinical matrices.

Improved Automated Microplastics Analysis Workflows

The new revision to Agilent's 8700 LDIR Software will be presented, showing new features for further simplification of workflows for analysis of microplastics.

Pesticide data analysis - get it right the first time

We will highlight our software solutions designed to assist your pesticide analysis, whether you work in research or routine analysis.

Automated Fractionation of Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (EPH)

Join us for a live webinar on Automated fractionation of aliphatic and aromatic Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (EPH) found in aqueous, solid, and petroleum samples.

Indoor Air Quality – The science and regulations behind the headlines

Separation Science, in collaboration with Markes International, offers an upcoming presentation discussing the use of TD–GC–MS to characterise the chemicals that affect indoor air quality.

Characterization of Microplastics in Sediment Using Stereomicroscopy and Laser Direct Infrared (LDIR) Spectroscopy

In this work, we analyzed MPs in sediment using laser direct infrared (LDIR) imaging, a relatively new technique in environmental MP studies.

Food off-flavor analysis

Understand the analytical challenges of (off) flavor analysis. How GC Orbitrap MS technology delivers the required sensitivity and selectivity. Understand how works software tools.

Get Better Resolution for your New Year’s Resolution: GC Separation Troubleshooting

Join us as we discuss methods and strategies for getting better resolution as your New Year's resolution.

Making Better Connections in GC and GC/MS Systems

This presentation will cover products from Agilent that make GC connections more robust by utilizing new technologies that makes connections easier, leak free and more inert for any application.

Demystifying Valve Gas Chromatography: Understanding Complex Valve Configurations

We discuss the physical design of the valves, how the physical design relates to common valve diagrams, and common uses for different types of valves.

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