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Navigating Troubled Waters: A Deep Dive into Water Injections by GC

Water injections and not only how to perform them correctly, but also the many pointers to keep in mind when working with water in GC.

Don’t Get Carried Away by Carryover: Troubleshooting GC Chromatography

The most common sources of carryover and how to address them.

Prevent, Protect, Purify: The Benefits of Gas Filtration

Options for gas purification and what gas contamination looks like so you can spot it in your chromatography.

How to Go Fast and Make Your Carrier Gas Last

How simple column and consumables choices can improve speed of analysis, while also minimizing the use of carrier gas.

Ask the Agilent Experts - Part 5: GC and GC/MS Scientists Discuss & Answer Your Most Frequently Questions

Best practices with GC and GC/MS systems. Why different consumables are used for different applications. What backflush is and how to set it up...

Is it time to consider an alternative GC carrier gas?

How your helium consumption can be significantly reduced if moving to hydrogen is just not an option.

Techniques for Avoiding Unexpected Problems in LC and GC Analysis

We will cover topics including peak shape, ghost peaks, tailing peaks, split peaks, missing peaks, variable retention times, high backpressure, instrument contamination, and ion suppression.

Empower Tips: Ask Me Anything About Configuring Empower Software to Maximize Your Compliance

Current system policies and privileges in Empower Software that affect what analysts can and cannot do when processing data, particularly in Review.

The Chromatography Detective: GC Troubleshooting Tips

The most common chromatographic issues that you experience with Gas Chromatography and take a logical approach to finding the root cause and correcting the problem.

Tips and Tricks: Best Practices for Column Installation and Care of GC Columns

Whether you are new to the practice of gas chromatography, or would like a refresher, join us as we discuss proper column installation and handling for all Agilent GCs.