GCMS webinars focusing on Tips & Tricks

GCMS webinars focusing on Tips & Tricks

A Standard Workflow and Troubleshooting Process to Troubleshoot the GC Flow Path and Column Performance

What constitutes a good QC test mix, what data (test mix) features to review, the steps to maintain data quality, and what to do when data quality decreases or fails the customer’s QC guidelines.

Get Your Peaks Into Shape: GC Column Troubleshooting and Maintenance

This course will review the most efficient means of maintaining your analytical column. Also, how to troubleshoot when a challenge arises.

GC Tips and Tricks for Column Selection and Method Improvement

We take a look at the steps involved and questions that should be asked in choosing the GC column that is best for our application.

Strategies to Save Helium and best practice for alternative GC carriers

Agilent will be presenting approaches to save helium, ensuring performance doesn't suffer.

Most Frequently Asked Questions: GC and GC/MS Scientist Round Table Discussion

In technical support, we provide support to thousands of customers per month and have a compiled a list of some of our most frequently asked questions so you can get the answers you need.

GC troubleshooting tips and tricks from inlet through to detection

In this webinar, Dr. Ramkumar Dhandapani, global product manager of gas chromatography at Phenomenex, will walk you through a systematic approach to identify, resolve, and prevent GC-related problems.

Selecting the Proper Head Space System for Your Analysis and User Tips

Agilent offers a variety of unique head space systems. Included in the presentation will be software options and tips and tricks to help keep you more productive.

ProEZGC: High-Performance, Free, Web-based Computer Modelling Tools to Simulate Gas Chromatographic Separations

Free EZGC web-based-tools are available to accelerate Gas Chromatography (GC) method development by direct simulation of the chromatographic process.

Reliable and Dependable GC Method Development

This presentation will go over building a GC method. We will discuss what to consider, where to start, and what to optimize.

Sample Prep Method Development Tips and Tricks

Topics like: Comprehend simple to complex sample preparation techniques. Understand SPE Troubleshooting & optimization fundamentals. ...

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