GCMS webinars focusing on Tips & Tricks

GCMS webinars focusing on Tips & Tricks

Navigating Your Way through Parameters and Applications of an UV-Vis-nir Instrument

A discussion will be held around both available applications and pertinent instrument parameters.

Take the Trouble Out of Troubleshooting: Gas Chromatography

We will discuss some of the most common chromatographic issues that you experience with gas chromatography and take a logical approach to finding the root cause and correcting the problem.

Overwhelmed with Too Many GC Column Options? Let Us Help

This talk will discuss how the various stationary phases influence selectivity, as well as how column dimensions affect peak behavior and resolution.

Tips and Tricks: Best Practices for Column Installation and Care of GC Columns

Whether you are new to the practice of gas chromatography, or would like a refresher, join us as we discuss proper column installation and handling for all Agilent GCs.

Techniques for Avoiding Unexpected Problems in LC and GC Analysis

We will cover topics including peak shape, ghost peaks, tailing peaks, split peaks, missing peaks, variable retention times, high backpressure, instrument contamination, and ion suppression.

An ounce of prevention: How good laboratory practice minimizes GC downtime

We will cover three critical GC maintenance topics: reducing contamination, best practices for replacing parts, and key steps to optimize your applications.

GC carrier gas: Top ten ways to save helium

We will present 10 tools and accessories that Agilent provides to help GC operators and lab managers more easily conserve helium or move to an alternate carrier gas for gas chromatography.

Keep your GC Column Alive: Tips and Tricks for Extending Column Lifetime

Is it time to throw out my column? Is there anything I can do to make my columns last longer?

An Ounce of Prevention: Part 3 - Take a Little Time to Optimize Your Applications

In this webinar we’ll explore different aspects of setting up an application, and how a little understanding of what is happening during a GC analysis can help with optimization.

Beat the Helium Shortage - Switching to Hydrogen as a Carrier Gas for GC

Shimadzu is thrilled to collaborate with PEAK Scientific for a webinar on ''Beat the Helium Shortage – Switching to Hydrogen as a Carrier Gas for GC''.

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