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Discover How Raw Materials Identification Testing Should Be

How do you ensure that your RMID is fast and cost-effective while also meeting data integrity and compliance standards? Find out in this webinar!

See Through the Barrier: The Power of Agilent's Solutions for Raw Material Verification

This talk will delve into the prowess of these Agilent Spatially Offset Raman spectrometers, emphasizing their capability to ensure material authenticity even through obstructions.

Introduction to KnowItAll for IR & Raman (Vibrational Spectroscopy)

We will demonstrate how KnowItAll can help solve unknown IR and Raman spectra through a series of examples.

Identification of Raw Materials by a Handheld Instrument in Amber Glass, Paper Bags, and Other Challenging Containers

Innovative use of Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS) for Raw Material Verification.

Raw Material ID and Raman

Challenges with respect to material identification process and its qualification.

Biopharmaceutical Raw Material Verification with Handheld Vaya Raman Spectrometer

Raw Material Identification (RMID) and Verification is an integral part of Quality Assurance-Quality Control (QA-QC) in the biopharmaceutical industry. Handheld Raman (SORS) spectrometers.

Identification of Incoming Raw Materials in Paper Bags, Sacks, Tubs, Bottles, and Barrels

Verification of Incoming Raw Materials in Paper Bags, Sacks, Tubs, Bottles, and Barrels Without a Clean Room or Opening the Container using SORS Raman Technology.

Fast assay of Tablets, Capsules, and other Dosage forms using Transmission Raman Spectroscopy and SORS Raman Spectroscopy

This online seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to the TRS and SORS technologies and their applications.

Demystifying Molecular Instrumentation and Applications

Agilent Technologies Molecular Instrumentation and Applications...

Optimizing Optics Using Advanced Spectrophotometry

This webinar will guide you on the best practices, tools, and techniques needed to get the most reliable, verifiable insights into your optical components.