GCMS webinars focusing on Columns | LabRulez GCMS

Column selection and optimization for Solvent analysis

Column selection and optimization for Solvent analysis.

ITA-SPA live | The Art and Science of next generation GC Capillary Column Production

Choice of tubing, stationary phase chemistries and deactivation chemistries will be discussed and how to reach maximum practical column life time.

Best Practices for GC Column Installation and Care

Understand a hassle-free GC column installation and how to take care of your GC column.

Practical Advice on GC Column Selection

Various aspects of GC column selection.

Tips and Tricks: Best Practices for Column Installation and Care of GC Columns

Whether you are new to the practice of gas chromatography, or would like a refresher, join us as we discuss proper column installation and handling for all Agilent GCs.

Overwhelmed with Too Many GC Column Options? Let Us Help

This talk will discuss how the various stationary phases influence selectivity, as well as how column dimensions affect peak behavior and resolution.

Keep your GC Column Alive: Tips and Tricks for Extending Column Lifetime

Is it time to throw out my column? Is there anything I can do to make my columns last longer?

Chromatographic Solution for Food, Nutraceuticals & Vitamin Analysis

Liquid Chromatography (LC) Column Technology & Gas Chromatography (GC) Column Technology...

Advances in FAME Analysis by GC/FID with different carrier gases

In this webinar, some of our new GC column technology for the fast analysis of these FAMEs is presented, and the GC column selection is discussed.

How to overcome challenges and improve your semivolatile organic compound analysis

Whether it is PAH analysis in under 10 minutes or a wide calibration range for routine 8270 analysis, there is an Rxi-SVOCms column to meet all needs.