GCMS webinars focusing on Columns

GCMS webinars focusing on Columns

Beware of GC Column Bleed: Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting Bleed Problems

Join us as we distinguish between abnormal and normal GC column bleed as well share some tips and tricks to control your GC column bleed.

Indecisive About your Column Selection? Let Us Help You Choose the Correct GC Column

This talk will discuss how the various stationary phases influence selectivity, as well as how column dimensions affect peak behavior and resolution.

Back to the Basics: Installation, Care, and Maintenance of GC Columns

Join us as we discuss proper column installation and handling for all Agilent GCs including the Intuvo 9000.

Gas Chromatography Solutions for Speciality Chemicals

Learn About the Rugged Inert GC phases used in Chemical Industry. Do you work with crude sample ? Worried about phase bleed at high temp?

Choosing your GC Column Part 1: Purge and Trap Volatiles

Attendees will learn the fundamentals of GC column analyte separation and how to choose the correct column for volatiles analysis.

Advances in GC Column Selectivity for Environmental, Food Sample and Pharma Applications

In this webinar, we will explore several GC column chemistries, and the advantages that they offer to solve challenging chromatographic problems in Food, Pharma and Environmental applications.

New Methodology for the Analysis of Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables by GC-HRMS

Invaluable method optimization tips and tricks for pesticide analysis of real sample matrices, including fruits and vegetables, by gas chromatography/high-resolution mass spectrometry (GC-HRMS).

A Standard Workflow and Troubleshooting Process to Troubleshoot the GC Flow Path and Column Performance

What constitutes a good QC test mix, what data (test mix) features to review, the steps to maintain data quality, and what to do when data quality decreases or fails the customer’s QC guidelines.

Get Your Peaks Into Shape: GC Column Troubleshooting and Maintenance

This course will review the most efficient means of maintaining your analytical column. Also, how to troubleshoot when a challenge arises.

GC Tips and Tricks for Column Selection and Method Improvement

We take a look at the steps involved and questions that should be asked in choosing the GC column that is best for our application.

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