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Empower Tips: Ask Me Anything About Data Flow and Data Process Mapping with Data Governance in Mind

Please join us for a lively discussion as we explore data flow and data process mapping with data governance in mind.

How to Keep a Good Thing Going: Preventive and Routine Maintenance for Your GC System

Common consumables in the GC flow path and point out common signs or symptoms that indicate it may be time to do some maintenance.

Back to Basics – GCMS

Key aspects of selecting the right GC instrumentation for your application.

Best Practices for GC Column Installation and Care

Understand a hassle-free GC column installation and how to take care of your GC column.

Practical Advice on GC Column Selection

Various aspects of GC column selection.

Solid phase microextraction – How does it work for my samples?

Explore the operation and latest developments of automated SPME for VOCs and SVOCs.

Empower Tips: Ask Me Anything About Calculating Signal to Noise Ratio

The calculation of signal to noise ratio is a critical parameter during method development, method validation and routine monitoring the performance of a chromatographic method.

Selecting your Separation: Are my Compounds Better for GC or LC

We will review analyte structural properties that make the compound more amenable to either liquid chromatography or to gas chromatography.

Waters Informatics series #5: Archive vs Backup (Po2)

What's the difference between Archive and Backup and why do you need both?

Fundamentals of Purge & Trap

Fundamentals of Purge and Trap. Requirements of a trap. Purge gas selection. The effects of purge parameters on purge efficiency...