GCMS webinars focusing on Academy/Principles

GCMS webinars focusing on Academy/Principles

Fast assay of Tablets, Capsules, and other Dosage forms using Transmission Raman Spectroscopy and SORS Raman Spectroscopy

This online seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to the TRS and SORS technologies and their applications.

Selecting your Separation: Are my Compounds Better for GC or LC

We will review analyte structural properties that make the compound more amenable to either liquid chromatography or to gas chromatography.

A discussion on the Theory of FTIR

This session will focus on the theory of Infrared and will discuss some modern infrared analytical techniques.

Optimizing equipment for optical spectroscopy

In this third session of a four-part ‘Fundamentals of Spectroscopy’ course, having previously covered the ‘why’, we’ll now focus on the ‘how’.

Quant Made Easy: Building a Calibration Curve with Agilent MassHunter Quantitative Analysis

In MassHunter Quantitative software, the calibration curve basics will be reviewed and a convenient and quick method for importing the calibration levels from CSV file will be featured.

Spectroscopy techniques in practice: Methods and motivations

We will break down UV/VIS absorption spectroscopy, photoluminescence, and Raman scattering amongst others and examine how they work.

Demystifying Valve Gas Chromatography: Understanding Complex Valve Configurations

We discuss the physical design of the valves, how the physical design relates to common valve diagrams, and common uses for different types of valves.

The basic physics of spectroscopy: Light-matter interaction for fun and profit

This first session of a four-part ‘Fundamentals of Spectroscopy’ course, will examine core concepts essential to understanding common optical spectroscopy methods.

How to Go Fast and Make your Carrier Gas Last

This webinar will discuss how to properly transition your method from helium to hydrogen carrier gas, along with consumables that you may want to consider changing.

Anyone Can Collect FTIR Spectra

This session will feature basics of FTIR measurements, using the most common sampling accessories.

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