GCMS webinars focusing on Academy/Principles

GCMS webinars focusing on Academy/Principles

Back to the Basics: Installation, Care, and Maintenance of GC Columns

Join us as we discuss proper column installation and handling for all Agilent GCs including the Intuvo 9000.

Low and High Resolution GCMS for Untargeted Metabolomics

We will discuss: GC-MS versus other analytical techniques for metabolic profiling, Main steps in the metabolomics workflow, Type of biological samples and strategies for volatile derivatives...

Detection: Learn What Detector is the Best For Your Analysis

This course will cover a wide range of detectors and what they will help you achieve.

Optimize Your Chromatography to Speed Up Your Analysis and Increase Your Throughput

A review of chromatography theory with a focus on principles. A discussion of how column dimensions, stationary phase, carrier gas, and oven temperature affect cost of ownership, efficiency, and resolution.

Inlet Selection, Optimization and Troubleshooting for Your GC and GCMS Instrument

This presentation will discuss the most common types of inlets used, how to configure them properly and how to maintain them to keep your application up and running.

Understanding the Basics of Gas Chromatography

Session 1: Principles of Gas Chromatography, Basic of GC instruments, Critical factors influencing Gas Chromatography.

MassHunter Unknowns Analysis for the Forensic Chemist - Fundamental Workflow Part II

The MassHunter Unknowns Analysis video Part II is designed to reinforce the workflows of Unknowns Analysis illustrated in Part I to actual forensic samples.

MassHunter Unknowns Analysis for the Forensic Chemist - Fundamental Workflow Part I

The MassHunter Unknowns Analysis video Part I is designed to introduce the student to the workflows involved when using Unknowns Analysis.

Multi-Component Methods in Minutes using MassHunter Quantitative Analysis

The use of semi-automated peak identification and deconvolution coupled with the NIST library to rapidly build a method to identify and calibrate a series of multi-component semivolatiles standards.

MassHunter Qualitative Analysis: Learn Tricks for Faster Analysis of Unit and Accurate Mass Data

We will cover Setting up a “workflow” to process data efficiently & Creating a library from your data and using for identifications & Demonstrate the additional tools when accurate mass data is analyzed.

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