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Strategies to reduce/replace traditional solvent consumption in organic synthesis labs

Our expert speakers will discuss strategies how to reduce consumption or completely replace traditional and often toxic organic solvents.

Tips and Tricks for Handling Reference Standards

We’ll explain the terms given on the certificate, discuss when you might need to apply uncertainty values and we’ll also explore how to safely store and properly prepare your reference standards.

Unlocking the Mystery of Pesticides CRM Stability for Food Analysis and Guide to Reference Material use in Trace Level Analysis

The authors will present proper CRM handling and storage practices as guidance to ensure stability and also how to effectively using reference materials specific to complex trace level analysis.

MilliporeSigma - Reference Materials in Pharma QC

This webinar will provide an overview of key concepts relating to Reference Materials. Reference Material manufacture and characterization. Detail Certificate of Analysis (CoA). Reference Material quality.

Building a Rock-Solid Analytical Foundation with Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)

We will explore the definitions and certifications that can impact selection and use of reference standards. Additionally, we’ll review the techniques and documentation required to prepare reference standards.
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