GCMS webinars focusing on GCxGC | LabRulez GCMS

Improving GC×GC workflows for petrochemical analyses

Learn the basics of GC×GC and what it offers over and above standard GC.

Adapting GCxGC for every challenge

Recent advances in GC×GC technology and how they are extending their capabilities from the niche to the mainstream.

Unlock the Power of GC×GC-TOFMS/FID – MOSH/MOAH

Exciting advancements in analytical technology that are revolutionizing the way we identify and characterize these crucial components.

State of the Art Technology for Aroma, Flavour and Fragrance Analysis

Explore the capabilities of LECO technology and the impact it is having on overcoming the challenges faced in the Aroma, Flavor, and Fragrance industry.

Demystifying comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC)

Examples of real-life applications that have benefited from the separating power of GC×GC, in both research and routine laboratories.

State of the Art Technology for Aroma, Flavour and Fragrance Analysis

We will explore how LECO technology is being used in the market to tackle common challenges faced by the Aroma, Flavor and Fragrance industry.

Great taste and plant-based: Can advanced analytical tools help tackle flavour challenges in plant-based foods?

We will describe how to overcome common challenges associated with sampling and analyzing aroma volatiles using novel, automated extraction techniques combined with GCxGC-TOF MS.

3rd Annual Alcoholic Beverages Virtual Symposium - Spirits

Non-targeted and Targeted Analysis of Spirits Aroma/Flavor Compounds using DHS-GC(-GC)-MS. A Variety of Extraction Techniques Used to Determine Analytes of Interest in Distilled Spirits.

How to analyse odours in post-consumer recycled plastics

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to overcome low sensitivity, poor detection of compounds and slow processes when analysing recycled plastics for bad odours.

A Celebration of Women In Science

We will hear from leaders in their field about the use of GC and GCxGC across a host of application areas.