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Meet the Experts - Part 2 - Flexible Service and Support Plans

Andy will present the latest service and support solutions from Waters giving you control over the options that best fit your laboratories’ unique needs.​

Enhance Your Lab Productivity Series – GC Advanced

Learn about user doable GC troubleshooting & maintenance, Tips & tricks, developing GC method, Carrier gas, GC Column selectivity, Agilent cross Lab enterprise solutions and much more.

Meet the Experts - Part 1 - Alternative Procurement Strategies

Richard Styles details the alternative buying options available to you in today's market.

Agilent Pharma Virtual Symposium - Day 2

During this event, you will be able to listen to the Agilent and external experts discuss innovative solutions to address current challenges.

Advance Your Lab Operation: Why instrument utilization data is critical in your asset lifecycle strategy

Having access to instrument utilization data is a key part in creating a maintenance strategy for the laboratory. This webinar will show you value streams accross all elements of an instruments lifecycle.

Advance Your Lab Operation: Real Life Challenges and Solutuins seen with CSV Projects

During this webinar we will run through the real challenges that customers face when performing CSV and how Agilent has helped customers by linking their needs to the capabilities of the app being validated.

Advance Your Lab Operation: Minimize Regulatory Risk by Moving to a Customized Instrument Qualification Solution

Changes to Regulatory requirements around AIQ have resulted in more responsibility for end-users of instruments to define and implement customized qualification solutions.

Advance Your Lab Operation: How Agilent's Managed Services will unburden your Organization

During this webinar we will showcase how engaging with a single service provider for all laboratory maintenance will unburden your organization.

Moving forward webinar part 3 - compliance

Learn how to mitigate the risk of potential non-compliances as you return to the lab or transition instrumentation to meet new demands with operational qualification and requalification services.
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