GCMS webinars focusing on GC/Orbitrap

GCMS webinars focusing on GC/Orbitrap

Pyrolysis GC-MS for the analysis of microplastic in biota samples

Join this webinar and learn about a solution for microplastic and nanoplastic analysis using pyrolysis in combination with single quadrupole GC-MS or high resolution GC-MS.

Food off-flavor analysis

Understand the analytical challenges of (off) flavor analysis. How GC Orbitrap MS technology delivers the required sensitivity and selectivity. Understand how works software tools.

Contaminants in food - NIAS in packaging and PFAS

Topics: NIAS in packaging and PFAS, A GC- and LC-MS workflow for determining NIAS in food packaging.

Contaminants in food - Microplastics

Topics: Microplastics analysis in food by µFTIR and chemical images, Food packaging and microplastics analyses, Pyrolysis/GC/MS for microplastic identification - benefits of HR Orbitrap mass spectrometry.

An alternative approach using GC-Orbitrap MS for the analysis of pesticide residues in food

In this webinar we will share results that look at the merits of both GC-MS/MS and HRAM for the analysis of pesticide residues in food samples.

New Methodology for the Analysis of Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables by GC-HRMS

Invaluable method optimization tips and tricks for pesticide analysis of real sample matrices, including fruits and vegetables, by gas chromatography/high-resolution mass spectrometry (GC-HRMS).

A multi-platform metabolomics approach for exposure science using mass spectrometry

Utility of the multi-platform metabolomics approach will be explored for the analysis of a novel in vitro gastrointestinal model to assess the effects of ubiquitous chemicals on the microbiome.

RAFA 2021: Taking advantage of the latest developments in GC- and LC- High Resolution Accurate Mass MS for both quantitative and non-target analysis in Food Safety

Find out how HRAM MS can be used to detect food fraud and how acquired data files can be used for both quantitation of target compounds and detection of unexpected compounds.

Innovation Summit - Advancing Analytical Science - Day 2

Are you a new or existing separation scientist or chromatographer in industry and academia? Today we will discuss topics such as advances in large biomolecules and Chromatography with advanced detection.

Determination of Nitrosamines in Metformin Drug Substances with Orbitrap GC-MS

In this demonstration, we will cover the method setup and workflow for the determination of nitrosamines with the Orbitrap Exploris GC mass spectrometer and Chromeleon CDS software.

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