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TO-15A: Is your pre-concentrator system up to the task?

How the use of the UNITY-CIA Advantage-xr, a canister autosampler and pre-concentrator, combined with Kori-xr.

[Webinar Week]: Innovations and Applications for the Forensic Workflow - Analysis of Seized Drugs by Direct Ionization ASAP-MS

In this webinar you will learn how direct ionization mass spectrometry can be used to screen seizures for drugs, the mechanism of ASAP ionization, and analytical methodology for drugs and NPS.

Chromatography-Free Screening of PFAS Enabled Through SPME-DART-MS

Join us live for the real-time analysis of PFAS with SPME-DART-MS and discover the power of our cutting-edge instrumentation and technologies.

Hydrogen for Pesticide Residue Analysis: How to Convert GC/MS/MS Analysis from Helium to Hydrogen and Meet the MRLs

The key strategies for pesticide analysis with GC/MS/MS utilizing hydrogen as the carrier gas while maintaining sensitivity that allows for meeting the Maximum Residue Limits (MRL).

Which system do I need for dioxin analysis: GC magnetic Sector, GC-MS/MS or GC Orbitrap MS?

Join us for a webinar where our applications specialists will discuss the theory with real-world data. Examples will be given to highlight the advantages of each technique in meeting regulatory criteria.

AI-Driven Data Analysis: Get 4x Higher Efficiency with Shimadzu GCMS Peakintelligence™

Join us as we explore the power of AI-driven data analysis through Shimadzu's Peakintelligence™ for GCMS.

Unlocking Pesticide Analysis Excellence: Proven Tactics for Optimal Results with Helium and Hydrogen

Expert strategies for enhancing analytical performance in the analysis of pesticides in challenging food matrices with the 7000E GC/TQ and the 7010C GC/TQ.

Helium Conservation and Alternatives

In thia webinar, the approaches to address the consequences of helium shortage and increased costs will be discussed.

An industry perspective of the current regulatory landscape for nitrosamines

This webinar will provide an overview of the regulatory landscape today including recent significant updates related to nitrosamines in human medicines.

Fast-Track Microplastics Research: Advanced, Automated Workflows For Environmental Analysis

Explore how Shimadzu's state-of-the-art analytical and measuring instruments are leading the way in microplastics research, analysis, and characterization.