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Which system do I need for dioxin analysis: GC magnetic Sector, GC-MS/MS or GC Orbitrap MS?

Join us for a webinar where our applications specialists will discuss the theory with real-world data. Examples will be given to highlight the advantages of each technique in meeting regulatory criteria.

GC-MS solutions for sensory analysis in non-alcoholic beers

Semi-targeted method developed using DHS-GC-MS technology that allows for the improvement of NA beer flavor through the addition of specialized hops products.

2023 GC/Q-TOF Virtual User Meeting

Q&A about low-cost, robust, and easy-to-maintain GC/Q-TOF instruments from Agilent.

Thermal Desorption and Pyrolysis-GC-MS for Deformulation and Material Characterization

Basics of Py-GC-MS and how it can be applied to applications such as quality control, troubleshooting, and deformulation.

Dioxin & PCB analysis

Polychlorinated dibezo-p-dioxins and dibenzofuranes (PCDD/PCDF).

Addressing authenticity of fish oils by online coupling of GC-IRMS with an organic mass spectrometer

The compound specific multi-isotope analysis of fatty acids allowed the discrimination of fish oils from different provenance, following risk-based comparisons from market experience.

Orbitrap technology for off-flavor analysis in food

The food industry spends a lot of time and effort analyzing products for their flavors and off-flavors. This analysis is very important since we all like our products to consistently taste the same.

Learn in 30: GC-MS as a tool for battery component forensics

Join this short webinar to find out how using single quadrupole GC-MS or high resolution Orbitrap GC-MS supports multiple steps in the battery manufacturing value chain.

3rd Annual Alcoholic Beverages Virtual Symposium - Beer

Evolution of malt, hop and fermentation-derived flavor compounds throughout the brewing of a single malt, single hop (SMaSH) Ale. Beer Soluble Hop Compounds: Translating Raw Hop Aroma to Finished Beer

Continued movement towards tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry as replacement for traditional high-resolution magnetic sector instruments for POPs analyses

The assembled experts have well in excess of 100 years of combined experience with dioxins, furans, PCB’s, pesticides and related compound analysis.