GCMS webinars focusing on Software

GCMS webinars focusing on Software

Ensuring system quality to deliver easier audits

Find out how you can prepare for an inevitable audit. Learn about current regulatory requirements and what this means for your lab. Discover expert hints and tips for an effective system review.

GC/MS Analysis Using Automated Retention Index and Library Search

Accurately identifying unknowns by searching a library of GC/MS spectral data is straightforward but often yields ambiguous results...

The Power of Data Analytics: Driving Laboratory Efficiency and Discovering New Insights

Separation Science, in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, offers a webinar covering the benefits of data analytics and visualization tools.

Using innovative compliance tools to ensure data quality and integrity

Discover how technical controls can help drive quality and streamline operations. Find out how you can effectively and efficiently interrogate your data. Learn how a CDS can make compliance easier.

Empower LMS: A perfect match for better data

Waters Empower LMS enables you to have better access to your data and make better decisions for your lab.

Deliver assurance and product quality with your chromatography data system

Find out how a CDS is devised from initial design to final product. Discover how features are tested to ensure high specification. Learn about the validation model used for software product development.

A Practical Guide to Digitalizing Analytical Data Management

In this second webinar in the series, we will help you breakdown the task of evaluating your processes and technologies.

GC-MS Identification Using Spectral Libraries & Software Tools

In this workshop, Dr. Michelle D’ Souza performs various qualitative approaches to identify an unknown compound using Wiley’s KnowItAll software and spectral libraries.

OpenLab CDS - Archive, Backup/Restore and server maintenance essentials.

In this session, we will talk about how to perform Backup / restore functionalities and best practise to maintain OpenLab CDS server.

OpenLab CDS Reporting – How to perform “Auto calculations” with the help of Intelligent Reports

We will look into how to create basic and auto calculation reports using OpenLab CDS thus saving time and errors related to manual transcription.

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