GCMS webinars focusing on Software | LabRulez GCMS

Introducing KnowItAll Quantitation: Complete & Simplify Your Analytical Workflow

In this session we will Introduce KnowItAll’s simple and intuitive quantitation process and demonstrate through live examples the various methods supported by KnowItAll.

AI-Driven Data Analysis: Get 4x Higher Efficiency with Shimadzu GCMS Peakintelligence™

Join us as we explore the power of AI-driven data analysis through Shimadzu's Peakintelligence™ for GCMS.

Adjust Empower very flexible to your specific needs

In this session we demonstrate how to create and use Customer Fields to generate workflows in Empower.

The Digital Lab Connection

Using IoT sensor technologies, AI modeling,and advanced analytics, your digital lab can safely capture data.

Empower Tips: Ask Me Anything About Data Flow and Data Process Mapping with Data Governance in Mind

Please join us for a lively discussion as we explore data flow and data process mapping with data governance in mind.

Session 4 – OpenLab CDS for MS Data

Learn how to set up calculations in the Custom Calculator and Intelligent Reporter.

Transforming your Lab to Digital & Paperless

Explore opportunities for automation, artificial intelligence, robotic systems, virtual reality, informatics, advanced algorithms, and consistent data structures.

What's New in KnowItAll 2024

The latest features and how they can impact your research and analyses.

Ask Me Anything About Streamlining Workflows: Creative Problem Solving and Tailored Calculations

Capabilities within Empower Software to design tailored calculations to meet your laboratory’s needs and solve your problems.

Increase the Likelihood of MS Identification with the Wiley Registry / NIST Library

In this session we will introduce the latest release of the Wiley Registry / NIST Mass Spectral Library 2023, which combines the power of two trusted MS spectral libraries.