GCMS webinars focusing on Software

GCMS webinars focusing on Software

Take control of your data and instruments: Your journey starts here

The Thermo Scientific Ardia Platform brings together chromatography and mass spectrometry, connecting data and instruments, helping scientists get closer to the truth.

State of the Art Technology for Aroma, Flavour and Fragrance Analysis

We will explore how LECO technology is being used in the market to tackle common challenges faced by the Aroma, Flavor and Fragrance industry.

Revolutionize your GC/MS analysis with the power of hydrogen carrier gas and AI technology – Faster, More Reliable and Efficient Results Guaranteed!

This presentation provides an overview of several successful GC/MS hydrogen implementations with New MassHunter with AI Peak Detection.

Empower Business Continuity (BC) LAC/E & SecureSync

Complement your #Empower CDS with sample management, equipment inventory and data archiving.

Enhancing the scientific experience using laboratory software

Novel ways to interact with LIMS. Delivering knowledge from data. Automation solutions. Intuitive workflows.

Ask the Expert: Effective work with sequences in Clarity

We will show you how to work with sequences in Clarity Chromatography Software and answer your questions.

CDS and LMS integrated to single product

Complement your Empower CDS with sample management, equipment inventory and data archiving.

Empower Tips Special Edition: Ask Me Anything About Our Newest Empower Release - Empower 3.8.0

Join us for a live discussion as we explore Empower 3.8.0. As always, don’t forget to bring your questions about Empower Software.

Quant Made Easy: Building a Calibration Curve with Agilent MassHunter Quantitative Analysis

In MassHunter Quantitative software, the calibration curve basics will be reviewed and a convenient and quick method for importing the calibration levels from CSV file will be featured.

How to Overcome the Challenges of Analytical Data Management

The challenges related to analytical data that cross organizations and industries; and lessons learned through their own experience.

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