GCMS webinars focusing on SPE

GCMS webinars focusing on SPE

Sample Prep Techniques To Improve Your Environmental Analysis

We will present new innovations in sample preparation like SPE and QuEChERS for varying applications including automation as well as optimizing your GC analysis.

The Basics of Solid Phase Extraction

This webinar explains the terminology commonly used in SPE, common formats and extraction modes and then uses this information to explain how to develop and optimise SPE methods in your lab.

"Ask The Expert" Webinar: Automated online µSPE clean-up to improve efficiency, robustness and productivity in LC- and GC-MS/MS analysis of pesticide residues

This webinar will highlight an automated optimized online miniaturized cartridge clean-up approach providing more effective clean-up of QuEChERS extracts to overcome the analytical challenges.
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