GCMS webinars focusing on SPME | LabRulez GCMS

Chromatography-Free Screening of PFAS Enabled Through SPME-DART-MS

Join us live for the real-time analysis of PFAS with SPME-DART-MS and discover the power of our cutting-edge instrumentation and technologies.

Beyond SPME: Understanding SPME Arrow, Thin-Film SPME, and Twister

Alternate approaches - SPME Arrow, Thin Film SPME (TF-SPME) and Twister.

New Advances in Pre-Concentration for GC-MS: Seeing More and Lower

How to concentrate analytes introduced via liquid, headspace, SPME, thermal desorption, and more, all using the latest advancements in a Peltier.

Demystifying comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC)

Examples of real-life applications that have benefited from the separating power of GC×GC, in both research and routine laboratories.

3rd Annual Alcoholic Beverages Virtual Symposium - Beer

Evolution of malt, hop and fermentation-derived flavor compounds throughout the brewing of a single malt, single hop (SMaSH) Ale. Beer Soluble Hop Compounds: Translating Raw Hop Aroma to Finished Beer

3rd Annual Alcoholic Beverages Virtual Symposium - Wine

Considerations for the Fast Analysis of Smoke Impacted Wines by SPME GC/MS. Multi Elemental Wine Analysis by MP-AES: Development, Validation and Application.

3rd Annual Alcoholic Beverages Virtual Symposium - Spirits

Non-targeted and Targeted Analysis of Spirits Aroma/Flavor Compounds using DHS-GC(-GC)-MS. A Variety of Extraction Techniques Used to Determine Analytes of Interest in Distilled Spirits.

Forensic Applications of Rapid GC-MS: Seized Drug and Ignitable Liquid Screening

This webinar will provide attendees with an overview into some of the technological advances that have enabled rapid (≈1 min) GC-MS analysis for two forensic chemistry applications.

Target and non-target approaches for quality and safety testing of foods and beverages

We will discuss the innovative and green analytical strategies being adopted to ensure food quality and safety (SPME-GCxGC-TOF MS).

Analysis of ETOX and 2-CE in various food products

Join this webinar to learn and master how you can develop and implement a robust and automated GC-MS/MS based method in your lab.