GCMS webinars focusing on Pyrolysis

GCMS webinars focusing on Pyrolysis

Contaminants in food - Mycotoxins and microplastics

This webinar will discuss how to confidently test for prevalent phytoxins and mycotoxins or about different GC-MS options from nominal mass resolution to high resolution in combination with Pyrolysis.

Food, fire and fuel: Recent advances in the application of gas chromatography

To coincide with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, SepSolve Analytical is hosting a series of talks by female leaders in the field of gas chromatography.

Reverse Engineering of Polymer Materials and Coatings by GC/MS Pyrolysis

During this webinar, we’ll explore the versatility of Pyrolysis GC/MS for reverse engineering of polymer materials, product development, and failure mechanisms of various polymers.

Shimadzu's Latest RoHS (II) Compliance Roadmap

With the evolving landscape in the RoHS Directive, our expert team will provide rapid screening strategy to determine whether the sample has passed or failed the test.

Explore the Benefits of a Multi-function Thermal Injection System for Gas Chromatography

This webcast will discuss the use of a versatile GC sample introduction instrument (Pyroprobe) from CDS Analytical with GC–MS to increase analytical throughput.

Identification and quantification of environmental microplastics

Join us to learn more Microplastics classification, importance, Analysis by Py-GCMS and Software. We will be giving software demo during the webinar.

Advances in Analytical Pyrolysis: Focus on Microplastics and Forensics Analysis

In this webinar we will talk about pyrolysis in analytical chemistry for microplastics and forensics analysis.

Development of Analytical Methodology for Microplastics using Pyrolysis (Py)-GC/MS

In this study, the recent advancements and challenges are reported for the application of Py-GC/MS systems in the analysis of MPs.

Applications of Py-GC/MS in the Tire Industry

This presentation examines the use of double shot Py-GC/MS in the tire industry for materials characterization and formula reconstruction as compared to traditional methods.

Deformulation and Failure Analysis of Polymers using Pyrolysis-GC/MS

Learn how pyrolysis-GC/MS can deliver better efficiency and accuracy in polymer deformulation and failure analysis applications.

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