GCMS webinars focusing on Pyrolysis

GCMS webinars focusing on Pyrolysis

Online Single Micro Reactor for Catalyst Screening

Are you looking for an efficient way to accelerate your catalyst research? Use our online single micro reactor for rapid catalyst screening.

Pyrolysis GC-MS for the analysis of microplastic in biota samples

Join this webinar and learn about a solution for microplastic and nanoplastic analysis using pyrolysis in combination with single quadrupole GC-MS or high resolution GC-MS.

3rd Annual Alcoholic Beverages Virtual Symposium - Spirits

Non-targeted and Targeted Analysis of Spirits Aroma/Flavor Compounds using DHS-GC(-GC)-MS. A Variety of Extraction Techniques Used to Determine Analytes of Interest in Distilled Spirits.

Characterization of 3D Printing Polymers using Py-GCMS

Join our webinar to learn about Py-GCMS and its applications for 3D Printing Polymers Characterization

A Celebration of Women In Science

We will hear from leaders in their field about the use of GC and GCxGC across a host of application areas.

Py-GCMS Applications for Rubber and Tyre Industries

In this webinar, you will learn about TD-GCMS and Py-GCMS applications employed in Rubber and Tyre Industries.

Contaminants in food - Microplastics

Topics: Microplastics analysis in food by µFTIR and chemical images, Food packaging and microplastics analyses, Pyrolysis/GC/MS for microplastic identification - benefits of HR Orbitrap mass spectrometry.

Food, fire and fuel: Recent advances in the application of gas chromatography

To coincide with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, SepSolve Analytical is hosting a series of talks by female leaders in the field of gas chromatography.

Reverse Engineering of Polymer Materials and Coatings by GC/MS Pyrolysis

During this webinar, we’ll explore the versatility of Pyrolysis GC/MS for reverse engineering of polymer materials, product development, and failure mechanisms of various polymers.

Shimadzu's Latest RoHS (II) Compliance Roadmap

With the evolving landscape in the RoHS Directive, our expert team will provide rapid screening strategy to determine whether the sample has passed or failed the test.

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