GCMS webinars focusing on Sample prep

GCMS webinars focusing on Sample prep

EPA 608.3: Modern Sample Prep Solution for Wastewater Labs

This webinar provides specifics on establishing a successful 608.3 extraction protocol as well as tips for overcoming potential problems encountered by environmental laboratories.

Contaminants in food - Sample preparation and POPs

Webinar will cover topics like Sample preparation in food analysis or Persistent organic pollutants analysis by GC-MS/MS.

Tips for Developing Successful Solid Phase Extraction Methods

In this talk, we will discuss tips for selecting, developing, and implementing simple and successful solid phase extraction methods.

High Throughput Sample Preparation and Analyses for Trace Residues in Complex Matrices

Introduction to Biotage sample preparation products and workflow Shimadzu LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS application examples for selected food, clinical and environmental sample types.

The #ConnectedLaboratory is real! - Part 4: Meet your peers and see how they implemented the #ConnectedLaborator

Hear how existing users have implemented the #ConnectedLaboratory.

Simplify Analytical Workflows With Automated Pipetting

This webinar will introduce a simple, smart and easy-to-implement automation solution to effectively carry out pipetting and sample preparation steps across a variety of bioanalytical workflows.

The #ConnectedLaboratory is real! - Part 3: Meet our newest member in the #ConnectedLaboratory

Discover how the newest addition to the #ConnectedLaboratory will improve your plate and cartridge processing protocols.

Agilent Virtual Dioxins Summit

This one-day interactive online summit offers you valuable information for keeping up-to-date on the latest dioxin trends and developments in the field.

Alcoholic Beverages Virtual Seminar - Wine

3 Presentations: Characterizing free and bound monoterpene alcohols in wine fermentations & Solventless Extraction Techniques & Effect of Winemaking on Element Profiles and Arsenic Species.

Optimized Workflow of POPs Analysis in Environmental and Food Matrices Using Semi-Automated Cleanup and GC-MS/MS

Separation Science, in collaboration with Agilent, offers a presentation that will show how the Agilent 7010 GC-MS/MS instrument can be used for state-of-art dioxin and PCB work.

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