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How to Improve Small Molecule Synthesis Workflow by > 70%

Attendees will see how currently available automated synthesis equipment can provide major time savings, improve workflow productivity, and enable you to complete more projects

Latest Applications and Workflows for the Food Market

Today we will address various applications with emphasis on sample preparation and chromatography, including latest technologies.

Error-Free Sample Preparation Workflows

Agilent and METTLER TOLEDO have jointly developed an integrated workflow solution that addresses the most pressing root causes for laboratory failure investigations.

How to advance clinical research with polymeric mixed-mode solid phase extraction

Mixed-mode polymeric extraction (SPE) fundamentals and the properties of polymeric hydrophobic interaction (reversed-phase) SPE sorbents.

Improving pesticide residue analysis following AOAC and EN methods with a new QuEChERS cSPE cleanup technique

New technique that simplifies QuEChERS clean-up and enhances analytical performance when compared to traditional dSPE.

Increased Efficiency for Routine Biopharma Workflows with Flexible Lab Automation

How you can spend your valuable time on experimental design and analysis, while the Andrew+ robot and OneLab sw does the pipetting and sample preparation.

Soil Gas and Vapor Intrusion Sampling

Overview of soil gas collection and analysis, including sampling techniques and vapor intrusion testing basic strategies.

Dynamic Focusing: A New Technique for Focusing VVOCs and Managing Water in Automated Ambient Air Analysis

The theory and mechanism of Dynamic Focusing for VVOCs analysis in Automated Ambient Air Analysis.

New Advances in Pre-Concentration for GC-MS: Seeing More and Lower

How to concentrate analytes introduced via liquid, headspace, SPME, thermal desorption, and more, all using the latest advancements in a Peltier.

Understanding the importance of sample preparation for the analysis of biological samples

Understanding the importance of sample preparation for the analysis of biological samples.