GCMS webinars focusing on Sample prep

GCMS webinars focusing on Sample prep

Selected Applications for Drugs of Abuse Analysis in Hair

The webinar will highlight benefits of automation for laboratories with high throughput of samples and laborious manual methods, as well as challenges faced during analysis, including LOQs and matrix factors.

Latest Update on the Analysis of MOSH/MOAH Contamination

We will introduce a fast and efficient analysis of MOSH/MOAH using a new automated saponification workflow that can save your time and effort while maximizing the results.

Method development for solid phase extraction with steroid analytes

We will explain the foundation of SPE and offer method development insight to a frequently tested clinical application.

Automation of Solid Phase Extraction Procedures using a Novel Robotic Automation Platform

Learn how to automate your SPE procedures with the LCTech FREESTYLE™ system for various sample types.

Automated Fractionation of Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (EPH)

Join us for a live webinar on Automated fractionation of aliphatic and aromatic Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (EPH) found in aqueous, solid, and petroleum samples.

Method Development Strategies:  Key Considerations for Developing Successful Sample Prep Methods

In this seminar, we will discuss some key considerations involved in developing successful sample preparation methods for extracting analytes from various clinical matrices.

New Advancements in Preparing Solid and Semi-Solid Samples for POPs Analysis

In this presentation, we discuss a new parallel extraction protocol for pursuing extractions in gas-assisted extraction mode followed by quantitation for persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

How to optimise your PFAS air sampling method using thermal desorption

Separation Science & Markes International, offers an upcoming presentation discussing the advantages that thermal desorption offers when overcoming the challenges posed by low-level PFAS monitoring.

Micro-SPE: Current applications and new developments

Understand the benefits of using µSPE for pesticide analysis. Learn how the automated extraction and extract clean-up works. Master how µSPE connects online to GC-MS and LC-MS...

The Might of MIKRO: Rethinking Routine Analytical Workflows through Volume Reduction and Solvent Consumption

A webinar presenting an overview of common but essential workflows in a microelution format, fully automated on the Biotage® Extrahera LV-200 sample preparation instrument.

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