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Webinars LabRulezGCMS Week 5-6/2023

8 webinars: Raman & Pharma & Biodiesel & Chemicals, Microplastics & FTIR & Raman, Live GC analysis, GC & GC/MS injection, Cannabis & GC & GC/MS SW, GCxGC applications.
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Webinars LabRulezGCMS Week 4/2023

9 webinars: Raman SORS, USP<1058> / GAMP® 5, Photovoltaic Cells, Pesticides by GC/MS/MS, GC-MS carrier gases N2/H2, GC Resolution, EG & DEG in Syrup, FTIR & Raman FAQs, FTIR basics.
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Tips & Tricks in gas chromatography (GC webinars 2022)

We bring you an overview of 16 webinars from 2022 in the field of classical gas chromatography focused on Tips and Tricks that will make your work easier.
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GC & GC/MS Helium to Hydrogen Conversion Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference guide is set out to provide information on using and converting a instrument or a whole laboratory from helium to hydrogen.
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Webinars LabRulezGCMS Week 2-3/2023

10 webinars: Microplastics & LDIR, Mitigate from Helium, Right UV-Vis-NIR, Tablets & SORS Raman, FAME by GC/FID & Gases, Cannabinoids & IR Spectra, New GC/MS, Food off-flavor & GC/Orbitrap, Empower questions.
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Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2023

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2023. Be part of the LabRulez in 2023.
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ESAS-CSSC 2022 (Day 4)

On Thursday, September 8, a very intensive program was prepared for the participants of the ESAS-CSSC 2022 conference. Awarding of the IMM Medal, 28 lectures and the long social evening.
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Webinars LabRulezGCMS Week 50/2022

This week 6 webinars: SamplePrep & clinical matrices, Microplastics & LDIR, Pesticides & software, Extraction of EPH, Indoor Air Quality TD-GC/MS, Rubber and Tyre Industries TD/Pyr-GC/MS.
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Webinars LabRulezGCMS Week 49/2022

This week 6 webinars: IR Microscopy basics, Conserving or Switching He in GC/MS, µSPE & pesticides, PFAS air sampling, Understanding GC - fundamentals, POPs SamplePrep.
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Webinars LabRulezGCMS Week 48/2022

This week 5 webinars: Mikro SamplePrep, OpenLab Integration, He vs. H2 in GC-TOFMS & GCxGC & HRMS & Tips Tricks, LIMS, NIRS & Polymers, Cannabis & FTIR, UV-Vis-NIR basics.
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