GCMS webinars focusing on GC | LabRulez GCMS

Enhance performance with innovative GC Supplies

Join us in this webinar focused on GC supplies specially designed to improve ease-of-use and enhance analytical results, instrument performance and laboratory efficiency.

Improving GC×GC workflows for petrochemical analyses

Learn the basics of GC×GC and what it offers over and above standard GC.

Navigating Troubled Waters: A Deep Dive into Water Injections by GC

Water injections and not only how to perform them correctly, but also the many pointers to keep in mind when working with water in GC.

Don’t Get Carried Away by Carryover: Troubleshooting GC Chromatography

The most common sources of carryover and how to address them.

Prevent, Protect, Purify: The Benefits of Gas Filtration

Options for gas purification and what gas contamination looks like so you can spot it in your chromatography.

How to Keep a Good Thing Going: Preventive and Routine Maintenance for Your GC System

Common consumables in the GC flow path and point out common signs or symptoms that indicate it may be time to do some maintenance.

Understanding Headspace GC. Parameters to Make You Successful!

This talk will introduce the user to the Headspace injection technique. We will go through method development and discuss optimizing your headspace parameters.

Helium Conservation and Alternatives

In thia webinar, the approaches to address the consequences of helium shortage and increased costs will be discussed.

Utilization of GC and GC/MSD for Analysis of Swelling Gas, Carbonate Solvents and Additives in Lithium-ion Batteries

Methods utilizing the Agilent 990 micro-GC and the Agilent single quadrupole GC/MSD for analysis of swelling gas and carbonate solvents and additives in lithium-ion batteries.

How to Go Fast and Make Your Carrier Gas Last

How simple column and consumables choices can improve speed of analysis, while also minimizing the use of carrier gas.