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Unknown Identification Presentation at Current Trends in Seized Drugs Analysis Symposium

The major emphasis was employing the NIST hybrid search for unknown identifications. However, in some cases “spectra-less” databases were shown to be very complementary.
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Tips & Tricks in gas chromatography (GC webinars 2022)

We bring you an overview of 16 webinars from 2022 in the field of classical gas chromatography focused on Tips and Tricks that will make your work easier.
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Helium Conservation in GCMS and GC Applications

Currently and in several times in the past, the cost and supply of helium in GCMS and GC applications can be cause for concern.
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GC & GC/MS Training Quick Reference Guide

Though training may seem a simple service to offer, it takes many years of experience and professionalism to deliver in an interesting and engaging manner.
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GC/MS (EI) Interpretation Quick Reference Guide

With the advent of modern GC/MS instruments and software when analysing unknowns, there is a lack of skills and understanding of how compounds fragment.
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Identification of Unknowns by GC-MS and LC-MS Using NIST Search with Commercial and User Libraries

New improvements and free GCMS training resources, including videos and associated handouts, will be described. EI/tandem libraries utilized include NIST, Wiley, MoNA, and user-created ones.
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GC & GC/MS Method Development Quick Reference Guide

This GC & GC/MS guide offers practical advice which we hope will assist users avoid many common problems encountered from the results of poor method development, translation or optimisation.
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GC Gas Analysis Quick Reference Guide

This guide offers practical advice which we hope will assist users of nuances and to avoid many of the common pitfalls encountered in gas analysis.
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Wiley Seminar - Part V: Creating and Sharing User EI and MS/MS Libraries

A demo of creating a NIST user library is presented. In addition, an inexpensive but powerful method for combining, updating, distributing, and archiving it over a corporate network is discussed.
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7 Steps to changing carrier gas from Helium to Hydrogen

Going through the 7 steps Dr Ed Connor will give an explanation of how easy it is to switch gases and what considerations and actions are required to do so.
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