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Renewable gases exploration by TD-GC×GC-TOFMS (Agathe Legendre, MDCW 2023)

TD-GCxGC-ToFMS method with optimized cryogenic modulation system was developed to map volatile organic impurities and to compare detailed composition of biosourced renewable gases.

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Untargeted determination of cycling yeast metabolites by GCxGC-TOF MS (Lina Mikaliunaite, MDCW 2023)

A computational method for the untargeted determination of cycling yeast metabolites using a comprehensive GC×GC-TOFMS dataset was developed.

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Auto alignment for quantitative pairwise differencing of 2D data (Daniel Geschwender, MDCW 2023)

The technique for automated comparative analysis of chromatograms across different samples as well as across different detectors using the same sample is demonstrated.

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Webinars LabRulezGCMS Week 47-48/2023

7 webinars: Auto Microplastics Analysis, Nitrosamines, Hydrogen generator, Headspace GC, TO-15A & TD-GC/MSD, KnowItAll, Helium leak detection.

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Method development for petroleum analysis using GC×GC-MS/FID (Sebastiano Panto, MDCW 2023)

Prototype flow-modulated GCxGC-TOFMS/FID equipped with a novel splitter and peak alignment algorithm was used for more accurate group-type quantitation of hydrocarbons.

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Wiley KnowItAll Mass Spec Training - Part 6. MS Expert: Deconvolution of Mixtures with Library Search

In the sixth part of Wiley KnowItAll Mass Spec Training we will look at Automatic GC-MS Data Processing Using MS Expert

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Fruit quality & volatile analysis using SPME and TD with GC×GC-TOFMS (Taylor Hayward, MDCW 2023)

Here we are employing the non-destructive sampling of bananas, along with pulp analysis using thermal desorption and SPME sampling to monitor the ripening process of bananas.

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Webinars LabRulezGCMS Week 46/2023

7 webinars: Column selection/optimization, FTIR apps, Food Safety, Empower Tips & Tricks, Lab Automation, How to Go Fast in GC, GC & GC/MS & Lithium-ion Batteries.

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Wiley KnowItAll Mass Spec Training - Part 5: SearchIt/MineIt: Unresolved Peak Analyses and Library Search

In the fifth part of the KnowItAll Software series, we will look at SearchIt and MineIt modules for Identification of Unresolved Components in GC-MS Peaks.

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The LCGC Blog: Are You Sick of Hearing About ChatGPT?

Are you getting tired of reading or hearing about ChatGPT? This blog post might give you some tips and tricks on taking advantage of ChatGPT while avoiding its application beyond its intended scope.