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RAFA 2022 - REGISTRATION & Invited speakers

On behalf of the UCT Prague and Wageningen University & Research, we are delighted to invite all food scientists to attend the 10th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA 2022).
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Advances in Chromatography and Electrophoresis & Chiranal 2022 - Programme

The scientific program will deal with all areas of separation science from fundamental to applied reseach in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, forensic science and related disciplines.
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GC & GC/MS webinars Week 3/2022

This week 6 GC & GC/MS webinars: ChromCompare+ for GC/MS and GCxGC data, SLIMS, Microplastics TGIR-GC/MS, Empower and Data Integrity, GC colums, GC liners.
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GC & GC/MS Webinars - Tips & Tricks 2021

Learn from experienced analysts who brought you many valuable tips in the field of gas chromatography (GC) and mass spectrometry (MS) through 37 webinars in 2021.
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RAFA 2021 is completely VIRTUAL event. All activities will be held online. Registration at RAFA 2021 is FREE OF CHARGE for all participants. Registration deadline November 1, 2021.
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Clarity newly controls Nexis, Shimadzu's premier gas chromatograph GC-2030

DataApex Clarity Chromatography Software now allows full control of Shimadzu's flagship gas chromatographs, the Nexis GC-2030.
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Prague Meeting on Historical Perspectives of Mass Spectrometry - Early registration!

The deadline for early registration is July 15, 2021. Do not miss opening of the Czech Museum of Mass Spectrometry together with the conference Prague Meeting on Historical Perspectives of Mass Spectrometry.
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Identification of Unknowns by GC-MS and LC-MS Using NIST Search with Commercial and User Libraries

New improvements and free GCMS training resources, including videos and associated handouts, will be described. EI/tandem libraries utilized include NIST, Wiley, MoNA, and user-created ones.
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Wiley Seminar - Part V: Creating and Sharing User EI and MS/MS Libraries

A demo of creating a NIST user library is presented. In addition, an inexpensive but powerful method for combining, updating, distributing, and archiving it over a corporate network is discussed.
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7 Steps to changing carrier gas from Helium to Hydrogen

Going through the 7 steps Dr Ed Connor will give an explanation of how easy it is to switch gases and what considerations and actions are required to do so.
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