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Wiley Seminar - Part III: AMDIS (NIST) for Processing EI Mass Spectral Data Files

Fr, 5.3.2021
| Original article from: Mass Spec Interpretation Services/James Little
A demo of AMDIS for processing EI GC-MS files is presented. In addition to the NIST Search software the components can be identified within AMDIS using either commercial or user libraries.
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Mass Spec Interpretation Services/James Little: AMDIS (NIST) for Processing EI Mass Spectral Data Files

I presented a 5-part Wiley Webinar Series in August-September, 2020 on EI library searches. The series demonstrates the effective use of NIST software such as MS Search, MS Interpreter, and AMDIS with the Wiley, NIST, and user-created libraries.

The Part III will cover:

Detailed Handouts including tables of content are available in the LabRulezGCMS library.

  • Help files and manuals
  • Common Windows commands/functions
  • AMDIS essentials
  • Opening files
  • Deconvoluting spectra and obtaining manual spectrum using LMB
  • Evaluating results
  • Externalsearching of commercial/user libraries with NIST MS
  • Uncertain peaks
  • Plotting selected ion chromatograms in normal and log scale
  • Manually obtaining background subtracted spectra
  • Internalsearching (no structures) of commercial/user databases
  • Internalsearching (no structures) of target libraries
  • Optimizing peak detection
  • Comparing two chromatograms for differences
  • Retention indices
  • Problemno chromatogram/spectrum window
  • Webinar References
  • Acknowledgements

Future parts will focus on:

The past sections have focused on:

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