Enhance Your Lab Productivity Series – GC Advanced

RECORD | Already taken place Th, 22.4.2021
Learn about user doable GC troubleshooting & maintenance, Tips & tricks, developing GC method, Carrier gas, GC Column selectivity, Agilent cross Lab enterprise solutions and much more.
Agilent Technologies: Enhance Your Lab Productivity Series

Agilent Technologies: Enhance Your Lab Productivity Series

In this webinar you will have an opportunity to discuss and learn:
  • Some quick user doable troubleshooting & maintenance to reduce GC downtime

  • Tips & tricks to improve overall GC chromatography

  • Sample and sample Introduction considerations to be kept in mind while developing GC method

  • Column selectivity for robust methods

  • Carrier gas considerations

  • Developing a Temperature program in method optimization

  • Agilent cross Lab enterprise solutions- Solutions for organizations to drive simplification, optimization, and transformation of lab operations

Presenter: Dr . Anshu Kumari Singh (Technical Support Manager, Agilent Technologies)

Presenter: Anish Sahay (Enterprise/LPS Sales Development Manager, Agilent Technologies India)

Presenter: Anuraj Kumar (Customer Application Engineer- GC/GCMS, Agilent Technologies)

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