Measuring Environmental Volatile Organic Compounds by U.S. EPA Method 8260B with Headspace Trap GC/MS

Applications | 2004 | PerkinElmerInstrumentation
GC/MSD, HeadSpace, GC/SQ
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ApplicationNewsAD-0073HS-20 & GCMS-QP2010UltraQuantitative Determination of VolatileOrganic Compounds in Drinking Water byEPA Method with Headspace Trap GC-MS IntroductionVolatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) refer to a group of easilyvapourised organic compounds. Under atmospheric pressure,these compounds boil below 250oC. Studies have shown thatprolonged exposure...
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Analysis of Trace Oxygenates in PetroleumContaminated Wastewater, Using Purge-andTrap GC-MS (U.S. EPA Methods 5030B & 8260)By Chris EnglishGasoline and other petroleum-derived fossil fuels consist mainly of compounds that contain only carbon and hydrogen atoms.Oxygenates—ethers and alcohols—contain oxygen atoms in addition...
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Techniques for Optimizing the Analysis ofVolatile Organic Compounds in WaterUsing Purge-and-Trap/GC/MSApplicationEnvironmentalAuthorPhilip L. WylieAgilent Technologies, Inc.2850 Centerville RoadWilmington, DE 19808-1610USA(E-mail: [email protected])AbstractThe analysis of volatile organic compounds in water isnormally accomplished by purge-and-trap/gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. U.S. EPA Method 8260Bwith purge and trap...
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Developing an eMethod for the Analysis ofVolatile Organic Compounds in WaterUsing Purge and Trap/GC with Agilent’sNew 5975 inert Mass SpectrometerApplicationEnvironmentalAuthorIntroductionPhilip L. WylieAgilent Technologies, Inc.2850 Centerville RoadWilmington, DE 19808-1610USA(e-mail: [email protected])GC/MS methods are often developed on oneinstrument, published, and then replicated onother...
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