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GC & GC/MS Webinars - Tips & Tricks 2021

Mo, 27.12.2021
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Learn from experienced analysts who brought you many valuable tips in the field of gas chromatography (GC) and mass spectrometry (MS) through 37 webinars in 2021.
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Below we bring you an overview of 37 Webinars available on-demand any time or you can share them with your colleagues and move your method, instrument, complete workflow or the entire laboratory one step further.

Details and direct registration link can be found in the Webinars section.

In the database you will find more than 1,500 GC, LC and MS Webinars, you can search and filter by many TAGs such as GC, GC/MS, GCxGC, HeadSpace, Columns, Pyrolysis, Sample Preparation, SPME, Thermal desorption and many more ...

  1. Agilent Technologies: When Should I Change That? Ensuring Proper Instrument Performance for GC (14.12.2021)

  2. Agilent Technologies: A GC/MS TQ Does More Than Just MRM Analyses. How to Fully Utilize a TQ in Your Lab (8.12.2021)

  3. Teledyne Tekmar: Troubleshooting Series: Purge and Trap System Leaks (2.12.2021)

  4. Restek Corporation: Improving Trace Analyses: Maximizing Sensitivity by Minimising Background Noise in GC and GC/MS (25.11.2021)

  5. Agilent Technologies: Enhance Your Lab Productivity School Series: GCMS Chapter - Advanced (24.11.2021)

  6. Agilent Technologies: Enhance Your Lab Productivity School Series: GCMS Chapter - Basic (23.11.2021)

  7. Agilent Technologies: Ballooning helium costs keeping you up at night? Try Hydrogen and Nitrogen as Alternative Carrier Gases (19.11.2021)

  8. PerkinElmer: GC Tips and Tricks (8.11.2021)

  9. Agilent Technologies: Chromatographic Methods to Speed Up Your Analysis and Increase Your Throughput (3.11.2021)

  10. Separation Science/Agilent Technologies: Ask the Agilent Experts: GC and GC/MS Scientists Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions (20.10.2021)

  11. Restek Corporation: Reduction of analysis time in GC using existing instrumentation (12.10.2021)

  12. Agilent Technologies: Unleash The Power Of GC-QQQ In Your Environmental Laboratory (6.10.2021)

  13. Agilent Technologies: Get Your Peaks into Shape: General GC Column Troubleshooting (5.10.2021)

  14. PerkinElmer: Portable GC/MS Tips & Tricks (4.10.2021)

  15. Phenomenex: How to Achieve FAST GC METHODS without altering the Resolution (29.9.2021)

  16. Restek Corporation: GC Troubleshooting Basics (28.9.2021)

  17. Phenomenex: Insights for Optimizing Gas Chromatography Methods (22.9.2021)

  18. Restek Corporation: Considerations for Choosing a Different Carrier Gas in Gas Chromatography (18.8.2021)

  19. Agilent Technologies: Understanding the Capillary GC Column: How to Choose the Correct Type and Dimension (30.7.2021)

  20. The Analytical Scientist/Avantor/Peak Scientific/Shimadzu/LECO: How To... Drive Faster! The Fast GC Technology Forum (30.6.2021)

  21. Agilent Technologies: Optimizing the GC to Get the Analytes to the MS Efficiently (24.6.2021)

  22. Agilent Technologies: Combating the Helium Shortage: Making the Switch from Helium to an Alternative Carrier Gas (23.6.2021)

  23. Agilent Technologies: Experts Webinar Series: GC-MS/MS Pesticide Method Development and Pesticide Testing in Food (23.6.2021)

  24. Agilent Technologies: How to clean an Agilent GCMS Ion Source: A comprehensive guide (22.6.2021)

  25. Agilent Technologies: Agilent Troubleshooting with Agilent Smart GC (22.6.2021)

  26. Separation Science/Agilent Technologies: How to Troubleshoot and Improve your GC/MS like an Agilent Scientist (16.6.2021)

  27. PerkinElmer: Getting the Best Results from your GC/MS: Smoothing your Processing Parameters (20.5.2021)

  28. Restek Corporation: GC Inlet Liner Selection and Injection Techniques (20.5.2021)

  29. Agilent Technologies: What Does Fast GC Really Mean? How To Speed Up your Analysis With Out Changing The Hardware (12.5.2021)

  30. PerkinElmer: Tips & Tricks: GC-MS Instrument (28.4.2021)

  31. PerkinElmer: Thermal Desorption Applications and Method Optimization (1.4.2021)

  32. Shimadzu Corporation: Shimadzu Theory & Key Principles Series - GCMS Session 5: Introduction to GCMS Method Development (3.3.2021)

  33. SelectScience/Agilent Technologies: Connecting Performance Improvement to Increased Production in GC/MS Analytical Workflows (25.2.2021)

  34. Agilent Technologies: Return to (and Keep!) Peak Performance for GC and GC/MS (24.2.2021)

  35. C&EN/Eurofins: A Scientific Journey of a Niche API Achieving Breakthrough Status by the FDA for a Lifesaving Drug for Infants (17.2.2021)

  36. GERSTEL: Distillers Analytical Seminar- Chromatography Technologies and Applications (10.2.2021)

  37. Agilent Technologies: Stop the Bleed! Tips and Tricks on GC Column Bleed (27.1.2021)

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