Installation and Maintenance Instructions for 0.53mm ID Fused Silica Capillary Columns

Guides | 1995 | MerckInstrumentation
GC columns, Consumables
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Bulletin 853BCapillary GC Troubleshooting Guide:How to Locate Problems and Solve ThemThe real task in correcting a problem with yourcapillary GC system is identifying the cause of theproblem without wasting time. The systematicapproach to troubleshooting described in this guidewill enable you...
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Bulletin 741DThe Supelco Guide to Leak-Free Connections:Ferrules and Fittings for Packed and Capillary GCThe ideal GC ferrule provides a leak-tight seal, accommodates column OD variations, seals with minimum torque,and does not stick to the column or fittings. Supeltex andCapSeal Bullet...
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Bulletin 895Installation and Maintenance Instructions for 0.25mmand 0.32mm ID Fused Silica Capillary ColumnsThese instructions cover instrument preparation, columnhanging, ferrule and column installation, leak checking,gas flow setting procedures, and maintenance requirements for 0.25mm and 0.32mm ID fused silica capillarysystems. Along with...
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Bulletin 896Installation and Maintenance Instructionsfor 0.75mm Wide Bore Capillary ColumnsThese instructions cover instrument preparation, ferrule,and column installation, leak checking, gas flow settingprocedures, and maintenance requirements for 0.75mmwide bore capillary columns in packed column (equippedwith capillary column conversion hardware) and capillarycolumn...
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