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#208Analysis of Volatile Organic Compoundsin Soil Sample by EPA Method 8260 using CDS 7000CDynamic Headspace ModuleApplication NoteEnvironmentalAuthor:Xiaohui XangAbstractThe CDS 7000C is the industry’s first Purge and Trap concentrator seamlesslyintegrated with the PAL system. This application note demonstrated the analyticalperformance of...
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#191EPA Method 8260C Using CDS Analytical 7000C Purgeand Trap with a PAL SystemApplication NoteEnvironmentalEPA Method 8260C Using CDS Analytical 7000C Purge and Trap with PAbstractSystemCDS 7000C Purge and Trap Concentrator coupled to a PAL System is a powerfulAuthor:Xiaohui ZhangPurge and...
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EPA Method 524 Using the CDS 7000 Purge & Trap
|Agilent Technologies|Applications
#116olutionsAPPLICATIONS INFORMATION USING ADVANCED SAMPLE HANDLING TECHNOLOGYEPA Method 524 Using the CDS 7000 Purge & TrapThe analysis of water for volatile organic contaminants using purge and trap techniques hasbeen an established method for decades. Tracelevel organic compounds are purged from...
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Purge and Trap Sample Introduction Instruments
2017|CDS Analytical|Brochures and specifications
Leaders In GC Sample Introduction Technology•Purge and Trap SampleIntroduction InstrumentsReliable Purge and Trap Concentrator with 2ndGeneration Autosampler Options for bothWater and Soil Samples465 Limestone Road, Oxford, PA 19363-0277, USATel: 800-541-6593 Fax: CDS AIntroductionIf gas chromatography plays a role in your...
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