Flavor and Aroma Profile of Hops Using FET-Headspace on the Teledyne Tekmar Versa with GC/MS

Applications | 2016 | Tekmar TeledyneInstrumentation
GC/MSD, HeadSpace
Food & Agriculture
Tekmar Teledyne
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Alcoholic Beverage Fusel AlcoholTesting with Static HeadspaceApplication NoteAbstractA static headspace method was developed using TeledyneTekmar automated headspace vial samplers (Figure 1 andFigure 2) to meet the method requirements of the Alcohol andTobacco Tax and Trade Bureau of the US Department...
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Comparison of Static andDynamic Headspace for VolatileOrganic Compounds in OrangeJuiceApplication NoteAbstractVolatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) play a major role in giving orange juice its flavor and aromacharacteristics. Monitoring these VOCs are extremely important when controlling a manufacturingprocess. Differences in fruit varieties,...
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Comparison of BTEXS in OliveOils by Static and Dynamic HT3HeadspaceApplication NoteAbstractThe health benefits of consumption of olive oils as part of ahealthy diet reaches back to the mid 1950’s. In the late 1990’s,interest in characterizing other components of olive oils...
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Two Headspace Solutions forthe Analysis of DissolvedGases in Water by MethodRSKSOP-175Application NoteAbstractDissolved gas analysis has been performed using a simplified headspace method following US EPAmethod RSKSOP-175. This method describes the preparation and analysis of dissolved gases in water.Recent developments in...
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