Technical Evaluation of a Dedicated Environmental Analyzer

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   JSB is an authorised partner of#032Reproducibility of Automated Purge & Trap/GC:EPA Method 502.2The reproducibility of the methods used forenvironmental analyses must be documentedfor EPA audits. In purge and trap/GC combinedwith an autosampler, there are numerous stepswhere error...
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EPA 502.2 Analysis using the EA-600
|CDS Analytical|Applications
JSB is an authorised partner of   #033EPA 502.2 Analysis using the EA-600502.2 Peak List1. dichlorodifluoromethane2. chloromethane3. vinyl chloride4. bromomethane5. chloroethane6. trichlorofluoromethane7.1,1-dichloroethene8. methylene chloride9. trans-1,2-dichloroethene10. 1,1-dichloroethane11. 2,2-dichloropropane12. cis-1,2-dichloroethene13. chloroformomororomethanehane11,1,1-octrihclhloet14.5. brEPA 502.2 is one of a seriesof methods used to...
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EPA 601/602 Analysis using the EA-600
|CDS Analytical|Applications
   JSB is an authorised partner of#035EPA 601/602 Analysis using the EA-600EPA methods 601 and602 are purge and trap/GC methods used to detect organic pollutants inmunicipal and industrialwaste water. 601 (Figure1) detects 29 halocarbonsusing an electroconductivity detector (ELCO)....
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JSB is an authorised partner of   #036The CDS EA-600 for both Screening andChromatographyThe CDS Analytical EA 600 isthe simple, direct way to analyze environmental samples for volatile organiccompounds (VOC's) by purge & trap/gas chromatography. With the addition of...
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