Method Development for Identification of Adulterated Spirits using Field Portable GC/MS

Applications | 2016 | PerkinElmerInstrumentation
Food & Agriculture
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Analytica Chimica Acta 1042 (2018) 60e70Contents lists available at ScienceDirectAnalytica Chimica Actajournal homepage: novel approach to assess the quality and authenticity of ScotchWhisky based on gas chromatography coupled to high resolution massspectrometryMichal Stupak a, Ian Goodall b, Monika Tomaniova...
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Aroma Study of Potable Spirits
A P P L I C AT I O N N O T EGas ChromatographyAuthor:David ScottPerkinElmer, Inc.Shelton, CTAroma Study ofPotable SpiritsIntroductionThe production of whisky requires maturation inwooden casks for the full development of the finishedproduct’s character. Subtle differences in the...
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Custodion Syringes for Sampling Collection
2019|PerkinElmer|Brochures and specifications
IT’S NOT JUST A SYRINGECustodion® Syringes for Sample CollectionCustodion SPME SyringesCustodion CME SyringesCustodion NT Syringes From Collection to InjectionCrime scenes, chemical spills, environmental contaminants –our Custodion family of sampling devices enable you toaccurately analyze and get the results you need, quicklyand...
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