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GC & GC/MS webinars Week 6/2022

Mo, 7.2.2022
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This week 7 GC & GC/MS webinars: GC basics, MSE–HS-GC/MS ethylene oxide, Inlet Optimization and Troubleshooting, forensic HS-GC-FID VOCs, USP 467 Residual Solvents, Nitrosamines USP 1469, GCxGC & GC/TOF apps.
LabRulez: GC & GC/MS webinars Week 6/2022

LabRulez: GC & GC/MS webinars Week 6/2022

In the week from February 7, 2022, the following webinars await you in the field of GC and GC/MS.


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1. Agilent Technologies: Understanding the Basics of Gas Chromatography

Session 1: Principles of Gas Chromatography, Basic of GC instruments, Critical factors influencing Gas Chromatography.

2. Markes International: Analysis of trace ethylene oxide residues in foods: Advances in headspace extraction technologies

How detecting ethylene oxide (a fumigant of increasing concern) in food can be improved using multi-step enrichment–headspace–trap (MSE®–HS–trap), a quick and fully automated sampling approach for GC–MS.

3. Agilent Technologies: Inlet Selection, Optimization and Troubleshooting for Your GC and GCMS Instrument

This presentation will discuss the most common types of inlets used, how to configure them properly and how to maintain them to keep your application up and running.

4. Shimadzu Corporation: Validating a Postmortem Forensic Volatile Analysis Method by HS-GC-FID to ANSI/ASB Standard 036

The new method validation requirements to a postmortem forensic volatile analysis method using a Shimadzu Nexis GC-2030 with dual FIDs and an AOC-6000 Plus multi-injection rail system autosampler.

5. Agilent Technologies: USP 467 - Residual Solvent Application Updates - Tips & Tricks

To know latest trends & workflow Solution, attend exclusive webinar on Accurate & reproducible resulits using Agilent's latest Residual Solvent analysis workflow.

6. Shimadzu Corporation: Analytical Solutions for Nitrosamines in Response to USP 1469

Learn about Shimadzu’s comprehensive solutions for the four Procedures utilizing HR-LCMS, HS-GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, and DI-GC-MS/MS as outlined in USP General Chapter <1469> for Nitrosamine impurities analysis.

7. SepSolve Analytical: Food, fire and fuel: Recent advances in the application of gas chromatography

To coincide with the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, SepSolve Analytical is hosting a series of talks by female leaders in the field of gas chromatography.

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