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GC and GCMS webinars Week 45 + 46

Mo, 8.11.2021
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11 GC & GC/MS webinars in the next 14 days: Tips and Tricks, THC, Hydrogen gas generator, Data Integrity, Software, Identification, Ethylene Oxide, Ethanol, P&T Water, Terpenes, Hydrogen a Nitrogen carrier gas.
LabRulez: GC and GCMS webinars Week 45 + 46

LabRulez: GC and GCMS webinars Week 45 + 46

In the next 14 days, the following webinars await you in the field of GC and GCMS. More details and registration can be found in the WEBINARS section.:

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1. PerkinElmer: GC Tips and Tricks
2. Shimadzu Corporation: Delta Dawn: The Rise of Delta-8-THC, Delta 9-THC & Delta-10-THC

Presented is how the Laboratory for Forensic Toxicology Research at Virginia has utilized a Shimadzu GCMS-QP2020 and an LCMS-8050 in an attempt to keep pace with the evolving cannabinoid reality.

3. Peak Scientific: Precision SL for GC-FID

Join us for a series of webinars on the latest technology for GC-FID gas supply, the Precision SL hydrogen gas generator from PEAK Scientific.

4. Separation Science/Thermo Fisher Scientific: The Importance of Data Integrity in Achieving Pharma 4.0

In this webinar, Nicola Gardner will explore why organizations cannot continue to advance with only technology and must also understand the evolution of data integrity.

5. Technology Networks/Thermo Fisher Scientific: CDS Webinar Series: Built for IT Without Compromise

We will explore benefits that a chromatography data system can provide to IT system administrators and lab managers, from backup and disaster recovery to a solution for remote working.

6. Wiley Analytical Science: Insights & Industry Applications for the Identification of Unknown Mass Spectra

Join us on for a Q&A panel session with industry researchers discussing their insights and user experiences identifying unknowns using the Wiley Registry and Wiley Registry/NIST.

7. Thermo Fisher Scientific: Toxic gases in food and the threat of ethylene oxide

In this webinar, we will share the proven plug and play GC-MS solution for the determination of EtO using a triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS based on the SRM method developed at the CVUA, Stuttgart.

8. PerkinElmer: Detectors for GC Analysis of Ethanol in Blood
9. Teledyne Tekmar: Introduction to EPA Method 624 - Level 101

Attendees will get a brief understanding of Purge and Trap as well as an understanding of EPA Methods 624 and analysis for municipal and industrial wastewater.

10. Technology Networks/Millipore Sigma: The Rapid and Accurate Analysis of Terpenes in a Commercial Laboratory Setting

Due to the nature of these compounds, gas chromatography coupled with a mass spectrometer is the preferred method of analysis (GC/MSD).

11. Agilent Technologies: Ballooning helium costs keeping you up at night? Try Hydrogen and Nitrogen as Alternative Carrier Gases

The rising cost of helium, due to a global shortage in supply, has forced labs to consider alternatives such as hydrogen or even nitrogen, but is this a smart choice? Does it make sense for your laboratory?

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