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GC and GCMS webinars - Week 12

Su, 21.3.2021
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In the current week, a total of 10 interesting webinars are waiting for you in the field of GC and GC/MS.
LabRulez: GC and GCMS webinars - Week 12

LabRulez: GC and GCMS webinars - Week 12

In the week from March 22, 2021, the following webinars await you in the field of GC and GCMS. More details and registration can be found in the WEBINARS section.:

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1. Restek Corporation: Analysis of Amines in GC

In this webinar we will discuss several solutions for amine analysis focusing on volatile amines as well as for amine/alcohol/water mixtures.

2. Separation Science/Markes International: Introducing the POD Sampler: The Latest Development in Radial Diffusive Sampling for VOCs

Separation Science, in collaboration with Markes International, offers a presentation covering the next generation in radial diffusive sampler – the POD Sampler.

3. Phenomenex: Getting Low With Sample Preparation: How to Achieve Less Background Interference and Lower Limits of Detection

This webinar will focus on how to develop an easy sample preparation method using solid supported liquid extraction (SLE) to achieve a fast clean-up solution from biological matrices.

4. GERSTEL: Enhanced Extraction using a Combination of Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction and Thin Film Solid Phase Microextraction

Enhanced Extraction using a Combination of SBSE and Thin Film SPME.

5. Quantum Analytics/Frontier Lab: Deformulation and Failure Analysis of Polymers using Pyrolysis-GC/MS

Learn how pyrolysis-GC/MS can deliver better efficiency and accuracy in polymer deformulation and failure analysis applications.

6. Anatune/GERSTEL: Aroma Analysis: Finding Flexibility in Flavour and Fragrance

Aroma and flavour analysis is a complex tasks and requires multiple approaches to get the most data on yours products. GERSTEL automation enables many different techniques to be used on one platform at one time.

7. Agilent Technologies: WAX Column Technology Update and Recent Applications

In this webinar, we will discuss the advances in WAX column technology, the benefits of each of these columns, and what applications they may be able to help.

8. VWR/Avantor: How to double your sample capacity in less time with an existing autosampler!

Join us to review sample handling efficiencies for LC and GC autosamplers that you can implement into your workflow.

9. SGS: Chemical Characterization of Medical Device Materials According to ISO 10993-18:2020

This presentation will focus on the analytical considerations of medical device extractable and leachable (E&L) studies as per the new ISO 10993-18 chapter.

10. Technology Networks/Victus Capital Ventures: Uncovering the Lineage of Extraction and the Future of the Craft

During this webinar we will discuss the history of extraction, the most common methodologies of extraction and the technical developments of each and the future of cannabis extraction and innovations.

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