Helium Conservation and Alternatives

RECORD | Already taken place Tu, 28.11.2023
In thia webinar, the approaches to address the consequences of helium shortage and increased costs will be discussed.
Agilent India: Helium Conservation and Alternatives

Agilent India: Helium Conservation and Alternatives

Ongoing helium srtages can cause unpredictability for gas chromatographers. This is impacting lab managers who have now to manage sensible price fluctuations and potential delivery interruptions with helium carrier gas for GC analyses.

There might be different approaches to address the consequences of helium shortage and increased costs. In many cases switching to alternative gas can be a suitable solution but there are situations where you really need to use helium as your carrier gas. Regulated methods, SOPs, or high-sensitivity GC/MS methods may require the use of helium. In these cases, helium conservation should be pursued.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Take advantage of Gas Saver.

  • Utilize the optional programmable helium conservation module for your Agilent GC.

  • Check and maintain your helium infrastructure to prevent leaks.

Presenter: Praveen Arya (Application Engineer - GC/MS, Agilent Technologies)

Praveen Arya, Application Engineer at Agilent technologies, has a commitment and appreciation for Gas-phase residue applications. In 2005, Mr. Praveen Arya completed his MSc. in Food Technology . After post-graduation, he served as a Senior Analyst at SGS, Gurgaon- a commercial testing laboratory for 6 years and developed expertise in Residue analysis using sophisticated chromatographic instruments such as LCMS and GCMS. After that, in 2011, He joined Agilent Technologies as an Application Engineer where he supported country-wide GCMS customers for resolving application issues and method development. He has more than 18 years of experience in residue analysis in food and environmental samples using various high end chromatographic and spectrometric techniques (GC, GCMS, GCMS/MS, TDS, Headspace, Purge & trap etc.). His area of specialization includes new analytical method development and validation as per national and international guidelines.

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