Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detectors for Gas Chromatography

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Detection of Sulfur Compounds inNatural Gas According to ASTMD5504 with an Agilent Dual PlasmaSulfur Chemiluminescence DetectorApplication NoteAuthorAbstractRebecca VeenemanSulfur compounds in natural gas samples are detected using an Agilent 7890Bgas chromatograph configured with an Agilent 8355 dual plasma sulfurchemiluminescence detector (SCD)....
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Analysis of Sulfur Compounds inPetroleum Gases and Natural GasApplication NoteEnergy & ChemicalsAuthorsAbstractYamin WangAgilent J&W DB-Sulfur SCD columns were evaluated by analyzing different sulfurResearch Institute of Petroleumgaseous standards. Sulfur compounds in petroleum gases and natural gas samplesProcessingwere also analyzed using an...
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New Specialized GC Columnsfor the Petroleum Industry-Integrated Particle Trap PLOTs-DB-Sulfur SCDDaron DeckerGC Columns Technical SpecialistAgilent Technologies, Inc.October 29, 2013 Porous Layer Open Tubular (PLOT) ColumnsChallenges:Stationary phase particle shedding Detector spikes impacts results"Solid"PorousLayer Changes restriction interferes withinstrument control/tuningFused SilicaTubingAnalysis of gasesHigh vapor...
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Analysis of Sulfur Compounds in High-Purity Hydrogen
2023|Agilent Technologies|Applications
Application NoteChemical & EnergyAnalysis of Sulfur Compounds inHigh-Purity HydrogenUsing an Agilent 8890 gas chromatograph and anAgilent 8355 sulfur chemiluminescence detectorAuthorsAbstractYoujuan Zhang and Jie ZhangAgilent TechnologiesShanghai, ChinaSulfur compounds in high-purity hydrogen were analyzed on an Agilent 8890gas chromatography (GC) system equipped...
Key words
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