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TheReporterReprinted from Volume 15, No. 3, 1996T296033© 1999 Sigma-Aldrich Co.For more information, or current prices, contact your nearest Supelco subsidiary listed below. To obtain further contact information, visit our website (, see the Supelco catalog, orcontact Supelco, Bellefonte, PA 16823-0048...
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Bulletin 923Solid Phase Microextraction:Theory and Optimization of ConditionsSolid phase microextraction, a simple, effective adsorption/desorption technique, eliminates the need for solvents orcomplicated apparatus for concentrating volatile or nonvolatile compounds in liquid samples or headspace. SPMEis compatible with analyte separation/detection by gaschromatography...
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Application Note17Polyacrylate Film Fiber for Solid PhaseMicroextraction of Polar Semivolatiles from WaterOur polyacrylate-coated fiber used in the solid phasemicroextraction technique effectively extracts difficult polarcompounds, such as phenols, from water samples. This fiberovercomes the problems of removing polar analytes from apolar...
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Application Note61Solid Phase Microextraction/Capillary GC: Rapid,Sensitive Detection of Gasoline in Fire DebrisHeadspace sampling by SPME eliminated sample transfer/sample handling losses and offered, on average, a 1.0-, 3.8,and 11.2-fold increase in response, relative to passive sampling, for three measured components of...
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