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Packed Column GCApplication Guide Bulletin 890APacked Column GCApplication GuideThis guide to packed column applications provides information on thebest approach to designing your application. It includes helpfulinformation about packings, phases, tubing, and different types ofdeactivations. Nearly 200 different applications are organized according...
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TheReporterReprinted from Volume 14, No. 4, 1995T295024© 1999 Sigma-Aldrich Co.For more information, or current prices, contact your nearest Supelco subsidiary listed below. To obtain further contact information, visit our website (, see the Supelco catalog, orcontact Supelco, Bellefonte, PA 16823-0048...
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Bulletin 775EUSEPA Procedures for Wastewater Analysesby Packed Column GC and HPLCThis bulletin outlines the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s procedures for analyzing 113 organic prioritypollutants in wastewater. The chromatographic column orcolumn packing listed by the EPA, and its Supelco equivalent,are...
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Bulletin 841CChlorinated Pesticides Analysis by Capillary GC:Alternative ApproachesWe manufacture and test SPB-608 capillary columns specifically for analyses of chlorinated pesticides. 30m x 0.25mmID columns can be used in capillary GC systems; 15m x0.53mm ID columns can be used in either...
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