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Chemical AnalysisApplication Note # CA-270125Evaluation of Tandem Mass Spectrometry forthe Analysis of Environmental SamplesIntroductionCalibration solution and spiked sampleU.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Method 525.2,“Determination of Organic Compounds in Drinking Waterby Liquid – Solid Extraction and Capillary Column GasChromatography/Mass Spectrometry”, is...
Key words
bhc, bhcbenzo, benzophthalate, phthalatesim, simmode, modechlordane, chlordanechlorprophan, chlorprophansolvent, solventheptachlor, heptachlortriflualin, triflualinendosulfan, endosulfanrsd, rsdmatrix, matrixchlorneb, chlornebheptachlorobiphenyl
Application NoteEnvironmentalGC/MS Analysis of SemivolatileOrganic Compounds Using anAgilent J&W VF-5ms Intuvo GCColumnAuthorsYun ZouAgilent Technologies(Shanghai) Co. Ltd,Shanghai 200131, P. R. ChinaJohn OostdijkAgilent Technologies, Inc.Middelburg, The NetherlandsAbstractTo show the performance of the Agilent J&W VF-5ms Intuvo GC column, thisApplication Note exhibits the...
Key words
endrin, endrinsemivolatile, semivolatilecounts, countsanthracene, anthracenebenzo, benzocolumn, columnchlordane, chlordaneheptachlor, heptachlorphthalate, phthalatedftpp, dftppintuvo, intuvocompounds, compoundsbhc, bhcphenanthrene, phenanthrenethickness
Application BriefAnalysis of Semivolatile OrganicCompounds in Drinking Water onthe Agilent Intuvo and 5977 WithExtended Calibration RangeTechnology advantage:Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC with MSDAuthorMatthew Giardina, Ph.D.Agilent Technologies, Inc.IntroductionMany government regulatory agencies throughout the world have establisheddirectives for monitoring organic contaminants in drinking...
Key words
benzo, benzodraw, drawcalibration, calibrationaverage, averageconcentration, concentrationghi, ghiperylene, peryleneendrin, endrinanthracene, anthraceneresponse, responsecalculated, calculatedregression, regressionrsd, rsdcompounds, compoundsbhc
Application Note AN917Extraction of Semi-volatile Organic Compounds in Drinking Water Using NEW Atlantic ReadyDisk C18 | Page 1®Extraction of Semi-volatile Organic Compounds inDrinking Water with NEW Atlantic ReadyDisk C18Solid Phase Extraction Disks®Authors: Andrew Taylor, Michael Ebitson, Biotage, Salem, NH, USA.IntroductionExperimentalDrinking...
Key words
phthalate, phthalateoff, offbhc, bhcbenzo, benzomdl, mdldryvap, dryvapwere, wereheptachlor, heptachlorendrin, endrinendosulfan, endosulfansoak, soakanthracene, anthracenefluoranthene, fluoranthenetime, timeextraction