An Improved Test Method for Measuring Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Electronic Components using Zebron™ ZB-PAH by GC-MS

Applications | 2018 | PhenomenexInstrumentation
GC/MSD, GC/SQ, GC columns, Consumables
Materials Testing
Shimadzu, Phenomenex
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TN-2092APPLICATIONSRamkumar Dhandapani, Ph.D.Product Manager - Gas ChromatographyRapid Analysis of 24 Regulated Polycyclic AromaticHydrocarbons (PAHs) on a Zebron™ ZB-PAH-EU GC ColumnRamkumar Dhandapani, Rola El abaji, Zachary Woodward and Zeshan AqeelPhenomenex, Inc., 411 Madrid Ave., Torrance, CA 90501 USAHe has a PhD...
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TN-2091APPLICATIONSRamkumar Dhandapani, Ph.D.Product Manager - Gas ChromatographyFast and Accurate GC-MS Analysis of Polycyclic AromaticHydrocarbons (PAHs) in Rubber and Plastic using a Zebron™ZB-PAH-EU GC ColumnHe has a PhD in Analytical Chemistry andover 15 years experience in chromatographicmethod development and troubleshooting.Ramkumar loves...
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TN-2090APPLICATIONSAn Improved Test Method for Fast Measurement of PolycyclicTim NelsonGlobal Marketing ManagerFuels and ChemicalsAromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Electronic Components byGC-MS using a Zebron™ ZB-PAH-EU GC ColumnTim is an avid outdoorsman who loves tohike and ski. His most recent exploration istall...
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Fast GC PAH Analysis by ZB-PAH-EU and ZB-PAH-SeleCT
2020|Phenomenex|Brochures and specifications
Unleash the Power ofFast GC PAHAnalysisZB-PAH-EU• Up to 70 % Faster PAHAnalysis• Elevated TemperatureStability (340/360 °C)ZB-PAH-SeleCT• Enhanced Resolution forChrysene and Triphenylene(PAH Interferences)• Increased Benzo[b,k]fluoranthene ZB-PAH-EU and ZB-PAH-SeleCTDesigned to move conventional PAH testing to the exceptional,Zebron™ GC columns come to life...
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