One-Minute NGA Analysis Based on a Backflush-to-Detector Channel

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Refinery Gas Analysis Using the Agilent 990 Micro GC
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Application NoteEnergy and ChemicalsRefinery Gas Analysis Using theAgilent 990 Micro GCAuthorJie ZhangAgilent Technologies, Inc.IntroductionRefinery gas analysis (RGA) is a commonly used gas chromatography-based testmethod to characterize gases produced during crude oil refining including stackemission, flame, and reformate streams. Although the...
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Application NoteEnergy and ChemicalsOne-Minute Natural Gas AnalysisUsing the Agilent 990 Micro GCBackflush-to-Detector OptionAuthorJie ZhangAgilent Technologies, Inc.IntroductionNatural gas analysis (NGA) is a key application area for the Agilent 990 MicroGC. Today, there are four NGA analyzers based on the 990 Micro...
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Application NoteEnergy and ChemicalsFast Analysis of Natural GasUsing the Agilent 990 Micro GCNatural Gas AnalyzerAuthorJie ZhangAgilent Technologies, Inc.IntroductionNatural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mixture consisting primarilyof methane, but commonly including varying amounts of other hydrocarbons suchas ethane, propane,...
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nga, ngaanalyzer, analyzerchannel, channelnatural, naturalhelium, heliumgas, gasbackflush, backflushmethane, methaneoctane, octanemin, minextended, extendedethane, ethanepropane, propanechannels, channelssieve
Application NoteUltra-Fast Refinery Gas AnalysisWith a 490 Micro GC 3-ChannelConfiguration Equipped With aBackflush-to-Detector OptionAuthorJie ZhangAgilent Technologies, Inc.IntroductionRefinery gas is produced during the crude oil refinery process. It can be used asfuel gas or as feedstock for subsequent processing. The source...
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