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Webinars LabRulezGCMS Week 39/2022

Mo, 26.9.2022
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This week 5 Webinars: Vehicle emissions TD-GC×GC–TOF MS, Proteomics & Metabolomics, Helium for TD GC/MS, Raw materials by Raman SOR, Arguments for CDS Upgrade.
LabRulez: Webinars LabRulezGCMS Week 39/2022

LabRulez: Webinars LabRulezGCMS Week 39/2022

In the week from September 26, 2022, the following webinars await you in the field of gas / solid phase and especially GC and GC/MS.


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1. SelectScience/SepSolve Analytical/Emissions Analytics: Comprehensive vehicle emissions testing using thermal desorption (TD) and GC×GC–TOF MS
  • We, 28.9.2022, 17:00 (CEST)

In this webinar, Dr Nick Molden, (Emissions Analytics), will demonstrate the use of thermal desorption (TD) for versatile sampling of emissions from exhausts, vehicle interiors and tyres.

2. Technology Networks/Thermo Scientific/SCIEX/PAL Systems/Bruker: Advances in Proteomics & Metabolomics 2022
  • We, 28.9.2022, 17:00 (CEST)

Returning for its third year, this online symposium will once again bring together leading scientists in the field as they highlight the latest advancements in translational proteomics and metabolomics.

3. Quantum Analytics: Eliminating Dependency on Helium Supply for Your Thermal Desorption GC/MS Analysis
  • We, 28.9.2022, 20:00 (CEST)

In this webinar you will learn the practicalities and benefits of using hydrogen as a carrier gas in place of helium to support your thermal desorption GC/MS analysis.

4. SelectScience/Agilent Technologies: Rapidly scan your raw materials with SORS
  • Th, 29.9.2022, 15:00 (CEST)

This webinar will describe how raw material verification testing is now possible through transparent and non-transparent packaging directly in quarantine using SORS.

5. C&EN/Agilent Technologies: Three Winning Arguments to Get Management Approval for a CDS Upgrade
  • Th, 29.9.2022, 17:00 (CEST)

We interviewed two senior Agilent support and service personnel to answer questions that are frequently asked by lab managers and informatics specialists.

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