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GC and GCMS webinars Week 44 + RAFA 2021

Su, 31.10.2021
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This week 14 GC and GC/MS webinars: Fast GC, GC columns, GCxGC, MOSH & MOAH, GC×GC–TOF MS, GCMS/MS, Pesticide Residues, Advancement of GC, SIFT-MS, LC-GC×GC-ToFMS/FID, HRMS.
LabRulez: GC and GCMS webinars Week 44 + RAFA 2021

LabRulez: GC and GCMS webinars Week 44 + RAFA 2021

In the week from November 1, 2021, the following webinars await you in the field of GC and GCMS. More details and registration can be found in the WEBINARS section.:

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1. Restek Corporation/RAFA 2021: New Concepts to Speed up Pesticides Residue Analysis

Low Pressure GC - InLine Sample Preparation - Fast Polar Pesticides Analysis

2. Phenomenex/RAFA 2021: Advances in GC Column Selectivity for Fast Analysis of PAH, PCBs, Dioxins in Food Sample

In this presentation, we will explore advances in GC column selectivity and method development tips that help provide solutions to challenging chromatographic problems in food analysis.

3. LECO/RAFA 2021: Multiple Analytical Challenges for Food Safety Laboratories - Solved by One Solution

Join LECO as we discuss how GCxGC can help with the challenges faced in Food Safety labs.

4. Shimadzu Corporation/RAFA 2021: Pitfalls in the Analysis of Mineral Oil Residues in Food

This talk will focus on mainly on the still present pitfalls of the analysis MOSH & MOAH.

5. SepSolve Analytical/RAFA 2021: Uncovering chemical markers of food quality and authenticity

We will describe the use of automated sample extraction and enrichment combined with GC×GC–TOF MS for comprehensive non-target screening of aroma volatiles from food and beverages.

6. Thermo Fisher Scientific/RAFA 2021: Toxicity and authenticity testing of foods with trace elemental and stable isotope analysis

Learn how to apply GC-MS-IRMS for isotope analysis and how isotopes can be used for food authenticity testing and determination of geographical origin.

7. Axel Semrau/RAFA 2021: Automated Solutions for the Analysis of MOSH/MOAH and Mycotoxins in Food

Focus will be on m-cpba-free epoxidation process and the current generation of GCxGC/TOF-MS measurement technology. The new system CHRONECT Symbiosis RIDA®CREST has been tested for Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin A.

8. Agilent Technologies/RAFA 2021: Analysis of Ethylene Oxide and 2-Chloroethanol Residues in Sesame and other food commodities by GCMS/MS

Integration of the Automated Liner Exchange and pre-column backflush allows to perform analysis of ETO and 2CE with minimal downtime related to inlet maintenance, column exchange or source maintenance.

9. Agilent Technologies/RAFA 2021: A Novel Workflow to Determine over 1000 Pesticide Residues in Compliance with SANTE 12682/2019 Guidelines in Various Food Matrices

We present a comprehensive, joint LC-MS and GC-MS workflow for the simultaneous quantitation of >1000 pesticide residues in fruits and cereals of varying water and fat content.

10. C&EN/CEM/Lucidity: Innovations and Developments in the Advancement of Gas Chromatography

Join Dr. Ronda Gras and Dr. Alicia Stell as they discuss advancements in gas chromatography (GC) with novel system improvements that enable ease of use, even when operated by inexperienced operators.

11. Agilent Technologies: Chromatographic Methods to Speed Up Your Analysis and Increase Your Throughput

A discussion of how column dimensions, stationary phase, carrier gas, and oven temperature affect cost of ownership, efficiency and resolution.

12. Syft Technologies/RAFA 2021: High-Throughput Analysis of Freshness Markers in Various Food Samples by SIFT-MS

SIFT-MS combined with a headspace autosampler for direct analysis of all samples provides a robust, easy to operate solution for sensitive, quantitative screening of hundreds of samples per day.

13. Restek Corporation/RAFA 2021: New Methods Targeting Emerging Food Contact Materials: MOSH/MOAH and PFAS

We will show you LC-GC×GC-ToFMS/FID for the quantitative and confirmatory analysis of MOSH and MOAH and the targeted approach for detecting and quantifying PFAS in paper and board matrices using LC/QQQ.

14. Thermo Fisher Scientific/RAFA 2021: Taking advantage of the latest developments in GC- and LC- High Resolution Accurate Mass MS for both quantitative and non-target analysis in Food Safety

Find out how HRAM MS can be used to detect food fraud and how acquired data files can be used for both quantitation of target compounds and detection of unexpected compounds.

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