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GC and GCMS webinars - Week 18

Su, 2.5.2021
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Next 14 days, a total of 7 interesting webinars are waiting for you in the field of GC and GC/MS.
LabRulez: GC and GCMS webinars - Week 18

LabRulez: GC and GCMS webinars - Week 18

In the first half in May, the following webinars await you in the field of GC and GCMS. More details and registration can be found in the WEBINARS section.:

Search and filter in more than 900 GC and LC webinars.

1. Agilent Technologies: Extend the possibilities with Agilent’s OpenLab CDS using SLIMS for Sample Management

Learn how SLIMS can be used in conjunction with Agilent’s OpenLab CDS for digitalizing your lab operations with an overview of the entire system and a demonstration.

2. Agilent Technologies: 2021 Agilent Science and Technology Virtual Symposium

Advancing Science Together. Innovation in life science and applied chemicals with you in mind. ASTvS 2021 is live across several continents.

3. SepSolve Analytical: From research to routine: Redefining GC‒MS for the modern lab

Don't miss this exciting launch webinar where we will reveal how the next generation of BenchTOF mass spectrometers addresses modern challenges in your lab.

4. PerkinElmer: Testing for Residual Solvents and Terpenes in Cannabis

In this talk we, will discuss an optimize technique for the analysis of residual solvents and terpenes.

5. Agilent Technologies: Alcoholic Beverages Virtual Seminar - Distilled Spirits

Join us for our live virtual seminar discussing how you can assure safety authenticity and quality of alcoholic beverages.

6. Waters Corporation: Meet the Experts - Part 2 - Flexible Service and Support Plans

Andy will present the latest service and support solutions from Waters giving you control over the options that best fit your laboratories’ unique needs.​

7. Agilent Technologies: What Does Fast GC Really Mean? How To Speed Up your Analysis With Out Changing The Hardware

In this webinar we will discuss carrier gas types as well as column dimensions and their influence and effect on peak resolution and retention.

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