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GC and GCMS webinars - Week 10 & 11

Su, 7.3.2021
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In the next 14 days, a total of 7 interesting webinars are waiting for you in the field of GC and GC/MS.
LabRulez: GC and GCMS webinars - Week 10 & 11.png

LabRulez: GC and GCMS webinars - Week 10 & 11.png

In the period from March 8 to March 19, 2021, the following webinars await you in the field of GC and GCMS. More details and registration can be found in the WEBINARS section.:

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1. Restek Corporation: Choosing a different carrier gas in GC

In this webinar we will discuss several options to choose from carrier gases in GC and what the implications are when moving from helium to nitrogen or to hydrogen.

2. Wasson-ECE Instrumentation: Technical Advances in Process GC-MS (8. - 11. 3. 2021)

Join us to learn how Wasson-ECE is bringing GC-MS out of the lab for real-time analysis of process streams. STOP WAITING for results to come back from the lab!

3. Agilent Technologies: 1st Agilent Lab Informatics Virtual Summit

In this 1-day Virtual Summit don’t miss the opportunity to hear and speak with Agilent Lab Informatics experts.

4. C&EN/JEOL: A New Platform for GC-MS Analysis of Complex Samples

In this presentation, we will discuss a new, completely redesigned high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer for GC-MS analysis that combines a new TOF analyzer with integrated software.

5. Agilent Technologies: Introduction to the Agilent 990 Micro GC

This webinar will discuss mobile gas chromatograph Agilent 990 Micro GC applications, hardware advancements, new wireless capabilities and the new industrial designed field case.

6. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments: Analysis of Siloxanes in Biogas using TD-GC-MS

In this webinar we will talk about analysis of Siloxanes in Biogas using TD-GC-MS (thermal desorption - gas chromatography - mass spectrometry).

7. PerkinElmer: Fundamentals of Thermal Desorption; Absorbing the Ins & Outs

The theory and function of thermal desorption will be covered including differences between passive and active sampling.

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