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Food integrity and authenticity

RECORD | Already taken place Th, 7.7.2022
This webinar will cover topics like Addressing authenticity of fish oils by online coupling of GC-IRMS with an organic mass spectrometer or Sugars in Honey by HPLC.
Thermo Fisher Scientific: Emerging Topics in Food Safety

Thermo Fisher Scientific: Emerging Topics in Food Safety

Session 3: Addressing authenticity of fish oils by online coupling of GC-IRMS with an organic mass spectrometer.

As fish oils become a popular and precious source of omega-3 fatty acids, the risk of mislabeling and adulteration has risen significantly. The fatty acid profiles of different fish oils do not often allow the discrimination between different sources and geographical origins. In this study, the compound specific multi-isotope analysis of fatty acids allowed the discrimination of fish oils from different provenance, following risk-based comparisons from market experience. In the light of emerging cases of food fraud, we present how GC-MS-IRMS advanced technology can tackle these problems for addressing authenticity of fish oils.

Session 4: Technical Spotlight: Sugars in Honey by HPLC - discover how to analyse this popular sweet treat, and, is it all that you expect?

Who should attend:

  • Lab managers and analysts that have analytical challenges when testing food and beverages
  • QA/QC and research laboratories that want to keep up to date and also be ready for future challenges
  • Lab leaders who want to leverage the full analytical potential of their analytical instrumentation
  • Scientists/chemists/analysts interested in using isotope fingerprints for food analysis

Presenter: Dr. Mario Tuthorn (Senior Product Marketing Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

After completing his PhD in Isotope Biogeochemistry at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, Mario joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in Bremen in 2016 as an application specialist for the Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry portfolio, developing applications and methods for compound specific isotope analysis in a variety of fields by using gas and liquid chromatography. Since 2019 Mario has taken on Product Marketing role for gas isotope ratio MS and organic elemental analyzer instrumentation, focusing on product positioning and marketing activities.

Presenter: Dr David Psomiadis (Chief Business Officer, Imprint Analytics GmbH)

David Psomiadis (PhD) works as Chief Business Office at Imprint Analytics GmbH. Since 2013, he has settled in Neutal, Austria, as a member of the grounding team of Imprint Analytics. He has published more than 70 contributions in scientific journals and conferences, and he holds a regular member position in international committees and working groups (eg. AOAC, CEN) related to food authenticity testing. In his role at Imprint Analytics, he leads the global Food Authenticity business strategy, brand development and collaborations within global networks and international consortia.

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