Streamline your GC-FID analysis with Precision SL

RECORD | Already taken place We, 28.7.2021
Join us for a series of webinars on the latest technology for GC-FID gas supply, the Precision SL hydrogen gas generator from Peak Scientific.
Peak Scientific: Streamline your GC-FID analysis with Precision SL

Peak Scientific: Streamline your GC-FID analysis with Precision SL

The first in this series, brought to you by our GC gas product expert, Dr. Ed Connor, will cover Precision SL's industry-leading small size and how it can benefit your lab's workflow and will take place on Wednesday, 28th of July at 09.30 (GMT+1).

The webinar will be followed by a live Q & A session for any questions you may have about Precision SL or lab gas generators in general.

Presenter: Dr Ed. Connor (Product Manager, Peak Scientific)

joined Peak Scientific in February 2013 as a GC product specialist and now functions as a Product Manager. He has been working on a number of collaborative projects with Peak customers and the major instrument manufacturers worldwide. The main focus of these collaborations has been to look at conversion from helium to hydrogen or nitrogen carrier gas for GC applications but he has also worked on ELSD nitrogen gas solutions and nitrogen generators for LC-MS instruments. Prior to joining Peak, Ed completed his Dr.Sc. at ETH Zurich in 2007 using GC-MS to look at herbivore induced plant volatiles and their interaction with beneficial insects. He then joined the University of Zurich where his work focussed primarily on floral volatile analysis using a variety of volatile collection methods, GC-MS and GC-FID.

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