Analysis of alkyl mercaptans

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B E Y O N DM E A S U R EAnalysis of Sulphur Compounds in Various LiquefiedPetroleum GasesApplication NoteINTRODUCTIONTable 1. Analytical parametersThe low-level analysis of sulphur containing componentssuch as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), COS (carbonyl sulphide)and mercaptans, in liquified petroleum...
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Bulletin 722PAnalyses of Sulfur Gases at Trace and Low PercentLevels, Using Packed Column GCThis bulletin describes the relative advantages, and somelimitations, of six gas chromatography packings developedspecifically for separating hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide,carbonyl sulfide, and other sulfur gases at ppm...
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mercaptan, mercaptansulfide, sulfidesulfur, sulfurfpd, fpdcos, cosethyl, ethylgases, gasesmethyl, methylsupelpak, supelpakpropyl, propylsupelco, supelcokraft, kraftmin, mindimethyl, dimethylbutyl
Analysis of volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons
2017|Trajan Scientific|Applications
APPLICATION NOTEAnalysis of volatile chlorinated hydrocarbonsBP BOND QColumn part number0570235PhaseBP BOND QDetectorFID, 250°CColumn25 m x 0.32 mm x 5 μmCarrier gasHeSampleVolatile chlorinated hydrocarbons100 ppm eachCarrier gas flow30 mL/minInjection modeSplit/splitlessInitial temperature250°CComponents1. Vinyl chloride2. Cyclopropane3. Methyl chloride4. Ethyl chloride234AN-0056-G © Trajan Scientific...
Key words
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Analysis of argon, oxygen and nitrogen
2018|Trajan Scientific|Applications
APPLICATION NOTEAnalysis of argon, oxygen and nitrogenBP BOND Molsieve 5AColumn part number0572233PhaseBP BOND Molsieve 5AFinal temperature150°CColumn25 m x 0.32 mm x 30 μmDetectorDBD, 150°CSampleArgon, oxygen and nitrogenCarrier gasHeInitial temperature60°C, 2 minCarrier gas flow30 mL/minRate10°C/minInjection modeSplit/splitlessComponents1. Argon2. Oxygen3. Nitrogen32AN-0058-G_RevB © Trajan...
Key words
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