A Comparison of Sulfur Selective Detectors for Low Level Analysis in Gaseous Streams

Applications | 2001 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentation
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Dual-Channel Gas ChromatographicSystem for the Determination of Low-LevelSulfur in Hydrocarbon GasesApplicationHydrocarbon ProcessingAuthorsRoger L. Firor and Bruce D. QuimbyAgilent Technologies, Inc.2850 Centerville RoadWilmington, DE 19808USAAbstractA 6890N equipped with dual flame photometric detectorsis described for the analysis of ppb level volatile sulfurcompounds...
Key words
sulfur, sulfurtht, thtbush, bushfpd, fpddms, dmscos, cosetsh, etsharsine, arsinepropylene, propylenephosphine, phosphinehydrocarbon, hydrocarbongaspro, gaspromin, minmakeup, makeupinterference
Use of the New 5973 inert forDetermination of Low-Level Volatile Sulfurin Gaseous StreamsApplicationGas ChromatographyAuthorRoger L. FirorAgilent Technologies2850 Centerville RoadWilmington, DE 19808USAAbstractThe enhanced inertness of the new 5973 inert MSDimproves analysis of trace level volatile sulfur compounds. When operated in scan...
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cos, cossulfur, sulfurpropylene, propylenetht, thtbutylsh, butylshetsh, etshlevel, levelsim, simmsd, msddms, dmshelium, heliumhydrocarbon, hydrocarbongaseous, gaseousppb, ppbnatural
Sulfur Detection at ppbLevels in LightHydrocarbon StreamsBased on a New SuperPermeable PLOTColumnAgilent Select Low SulfurJohan KuipersChannel Training SpecialistOct 12th, 20101October 18, 2010 Sulfur compounds in refinery streamsBoiling point range of the feedstock determines presence type of sulfurs•H2S•COS•Mercaptans•Thiophenes•Disulfides•SulfidesSulfur compounds even at <...
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sulfur, sulfurpfpd, pfpdcos, cossulfurs, sulfursselect, selectpropylene, propylenemercaptan, mercaptanlow, lowpropane, propaneconfidentiality, confidentialitymethyl, methyldetection, detectionrefinery, refineryvarian, varianpermeable
Analysis of Low-Level Sulfur Compoundsin Natural Gas and Propylene Using aPulsed Flame Photometric DetectorApplication NoteHydrocarbon ProcessingAuthorsAbstractChunxiao WangSulfur compounds in natural gas and propylene are analyzed based on anAgilent Technologies (Shanghai) Co Ltd.Agilent 7890A GC system equipped with an OI 5380...
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sulfur, sulfursulfide, sulfidepfpd, pfpdcompounds, compoundscarbonyl, carbonylnatural, naturalpropylene, propyleneppm, ppmbalance, balancelow, lowconcentration, concentrationquenching, quenchingchemiluminescence, chemiluminescenceblending, blendingoven