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Bulletin 865BGC/HPLC Analyses of Organic Compounds inDrinking Water: US EPA ProceduresThis bulletin summarizes the analyses for organic compounds in drinking water according to US EnvironmentalProtection Agency Series 500 methodology. Sample preparation, chromatography columns, and detection are described for each class...
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Bulletin 916Purge-and-Trap System GuideWhen determining a problem in your purge-and-trap/GCsystem, methodical troubleshooting is a must. By followingthis simple, yet comprehensive process for finding and fixingpurge-and-trap problems, you can quickly get your GCsystem back up and running. This bulletin also includesinformation...
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Application Note12Improved Purge-Trap/GC Analysis of Volatilesin Drinking Water by US EPA Method 524.2The VOCARB 3000 adsorbent trap is suitable for monitoring volatile organic compounds in drinking water samples,as well as in wastewater and hazardous waste samples.This adsorbent trap meets the...
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Application Note29Purge Trap for GC Analyses of Volatile Aromatic(BTEX) Compounds in Soils and SedimentsThe BTEXTRAP purge trap was designed specifically formonitoring benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and the xylene isomers (BTEX compounds). The trap allows largeamounts of methanol (used in the US...
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