Fast Simulated Distillation Analysis by Modified ASTM D2887, D7169, D6352, and D7500

Applications | 2017 | PerkinElmerInstrumentation
Energy & Chemicals
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High-Temperature Simulated DistillationSystem Based on the 6890N GCApplicationPetroleumAuthorsChunXiao WangAgilent Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.412 YingLun RoadWaigaoqiao Free Trade ZoneShanghai 200131P.R. ChinaRoger Firor*Agilent Technologies, Inc.2850 Centerville RoadWilmington DE 19808USA*Agilent contactAbstractAn Agilent Simulated Distillation (SimDis) system isdescribed for characterizing petroleum fractions for quality...
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